It’s the final countdown

With less than 8 weeks to go until the end of the ratings year, are we still likely to see some of those shows we were promised?

With less than 8 weeks to go until the end of the ratings year, are we still likely to see some of those shows we were promised?

It’s getting awfully late to be starting marketing campaigns for some shows -not impossible- but it does leave you wondering…..

We saw a teaser for Class of 2011 after the MasterChef finale, but will it be scheduled to follow The Renovators? At its August 2012 launch TEN said it would be coming this year, so presumably that’s a yes.

Here’s are a few shows that we’re still waiting to see. How many will be rolled into 2012?

Mr. Sunshine
Dance Nation
Great Barrier Reef
The Family

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  1. … I wouldn’t be an Actor for quids! Outland finished filming in 2010 – now touted for (possible – absolutely No promises : / ) air time, in Feb 2012.

    I was very excited about this show – but heard that the prodcers bucked up about its allocated time slot for 2011 – now, one hopes for it (just) to go to air at All!!!

    I think I heard that one of the actors has given up acting and is studying some sort of medical degree – I guess they think that the stop/start career of an actor just isn’t cutting it.

  2. @Neilo – I don’t know – unless the word “promise” is used, i’m not sure how something can be a “promise”

    Media agencies and clients know exactly how TV industry and programming works.

    They know a show appearing on a sales real or programming reel is not promise or guarantee a show will hit the air.

    They know US ratings come in, trends change, ideas shift and programming schedules are in flux 52 weeks a year. These people if anyone know that no network would promise anything, and they expect things to change and evolve all year.

    Not sure why TVTonight uses the word promise all the time

    1. Semantics perhaps. When a show is stated as “coming in 2011” in a Press Release it really should be fulfilled unless it hasn’t been delivered from an output deal. But I’ll revisit this at the end of the year, because 2011 does include summer.

  3. Justified is fantastic… however it’ll probably be treated like Sons Of Anarchy and will be 3 seasons in before it sees the light of day. Same with Shameless (US).

    Mr Sunshine ended abruptly – only 8 eps. But it was light hearted and great.

  4. Maybe Woodley and Outland are being held back because of Hamster Wheel and Gruen Planet having unexpected seasons. ABC may also be hanging onto them to fill the Spicks and Specks void next year too.

  5. In 9s defense they did say 2012, not the 2012 rating season (as far as I can see) so some of those sitcoms could show up in summer and they have stuck to their word – albeit probably late night slots. Also promised for this year: Inside out, Don’t stop believing, Celebrity Chef, The Games.

  6. I note the American version of Shameless is listed as one of the shows yet to be aired.

    What about the British version? Where is it? And where is for that matter the latest series of Skins??

    Both have gone AWOL this year so far – are SBS that short of cash they can’t afford to purchase both of those shows??

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