What shows do TV Programmers watch on other networks?

What are the shows that Network Programmers just can’t miss? The shows they hurry home for and record on their PVRs?

TV Tonight quizzed 6 television execs on their favourite shows that air on their rivals.

Some of them selected common titles, but there were also some surprising answers…..

Brendan Dahill
Channel Controller

“My favourite comedy not on the ABC is Modern Family and my household was hooked to Modern Family and New Girl last night,” he said.

“I was upstairs watching my own channel and everybody else was downstairs watching those. I have a 14 year old girl who just loves Zooey Deschanel.”
Angus Ross
Director of Programming

“I really enjoyed Game of Thrones. So I’m waiting for Season Two for my PVR. It was a guilty pleasure for me.”

Ross also nominated ABC’s The Slap.

“Both shows I watched but obviously they’re not suited to Seven.”
Michael Healy
Director of Television

Modern Family,” he said.

David Mott
Chief Programming Officer

Today show on Nine. Far superior to Sunrise however we will give them both something to think about with Breakfast launching soon,” he said.

Jane Roscoe
Network Programmer

“I’m totally obsessed with the new Sherlock. I think it’s absolutely incredible. I was in the UK for Christmas and New Year’s and it just started as I left and I was almost in tears!” she said.

“I’m just going to have to wait. But I absolutely love it, I think it’s incredible.”

Brian Walsh
Director of Television

Downton Abbey,” he nominated.

“It’s a fantastic piece of television and I can’t wait for Titanic. I think it will be great.”


  1. Game of Thrones would be perfect for 7mate. Did Seven have first crack to pick it up or did Showcase? Also have Seven indicated if they are planning to show it like they did with Eastbound & Down and Hung after they were shown on Showcase?

  2. What does it say about a programmer when out of all the shows on all networks he picks Today. No wonder the network is going nowhere. He is keeping his eyes on a stupid breakfast show. I watch Sunrise over Today but IMO Today, Sunrise, Today Tonight and ACA are some of the worst shows on television.

  3. I disagree, i think Mott went the other way. Seven went safe with shows that wont threaten it, Nine kept it simple to 2 words while i think Mott was honest, then remembered he needs to toe the company line.

  4. That has to be the stupidest thing David Mott could say. If he loves watching Today, and if he endorses Today, why would anyone watch Breakfast? Not that anyone will after they hired Paul Henry.

    And no wonder Ten is failing so much. Look what the Ten programmer picks as the best show on a rival network. All the others picked great shows, New Girl, Modern Family, Sherlock, The Slap, Downton Abbey….Mott picks The Today Show.

  5. Why the heck would David Mott say that he likes the Today show just weeks out from Breakfast launching? What was he thinking?!?! Far out, if you want your breakfast show to work don’t kiss your rival’s butt!

  6. Got to agree today is better watching than sunrise.

    I think sunrise format is a too predictabile.

    With Today, you never really know what’s going to happen and that makes it more exciting!

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