Promising start as Denton returns

Ratings: The return of Andrew Denton to television managed a slight lift in ABC1's audience, but the night belonged to Seven.

The return of Andrew Denton to television managed a slight lift in ABC1’s audience but the Wednesday line-up will need more fire-power to be seen as a threat by commercial networks.

Randling pulled a promising 859,000 viewers, which was well ahead of the 484,000 achieved by last week’s Adam Hills in Gordon Street Tonight. The numbers were also higher than 7:30 (668,000) and Wild Life at the Zoo (555,000) which preceded it. But there was a drop for Laid (424,000) before rising again for Agony Aunts (454,000). At the Movies was 317,000.

Wednesday night belonged to Seven which got Revenge (1.33m) on Nine. Seven News (1.31m), Australia’s Got Talent (1.3m) both won their timeslots. Next was Today Tonight (1.1m), Home and Away (899,000) and Castle (652,000).

Nine News (1.2m) led for Nine then The Block (1.13m) and ACA (1.12m) winning its slot. Celebrity Apprentice Boardroom was 815,000 and Big Bang was 501,000 / 466,000.

The Biggest Loser was best for TEN on 780,000 then TEN News (753,000) and Offspring (629,000). The Project 6pm was 478,000 and The Good Wife was 402,000.

On SBS ONE World’s Most Dangerous Roads was 327,000 and Wildest India was 326,000.

Heartbeat led multichannels with 277,000.

Today: 379,000
Sunrise: 372,000
ABC News Breakfast: 41,000 / 17,000
Breakfast: 22,000

Wednesday 2 May 2012

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  1. I really liked this show. Andrew “the wonderboy from in-door cricket” was in fine form. It did have it’s problems as everyone has pointed out; nothing hangable though. Let it settle in and find it’s feet. It’s not like any of us know how it ends.

    @Victor. I agree about ABC programming in general. What we are experiencing and will continue to is the result of years of downsizing budgets and cut backs I’d say for about the last 15 years. If you let something rundown, the result is obvious. This is what we are reaping. Thank you Federal Governments of both shades.

  2. As much as I like Andrew Denton’s work both on and off camera, this failed to interest me. There’s a bit of Good News Week about it with the comedians out-doing each other in the ad-lib stakes. Annabel (everywhere) Crabb was clearly out of her depth here.

    I stopped watching it about half way through and deleted the recording. I’ll record next week’s to see if it picks up at all. Will be interesting to see if it maintains it’s ratings figures.

  3. was somewhat underwhelmed by the first episode… especially as the very first game (‘Cyclone or Saint’) seemed very close to the Spicks n Specks game of ‘Musician or Serial Killer’.

    For a show about words, there seemed to be very little wordplay, as such. Was expecting more… maybe it builds as the show settles in..?

  4. Will be interesting to see how Randling goes next week…I don’t think I’ll be watching. Denton really doesn’t get much of a go, it’s really up to the 4 players to salvage any interest from pretty tame games.

  5. When a program like Qi exists Randling came across as rather small and unexciting. Based on the premiere I’d only return if there was a guest I was particularly interested in seeing. It’s a shame, I was hoping it was going to be great.

  6. Have to agree with most comments, thought Randling lacked any sort of spark and I won’t be racing back for it. Agony Aunts was the standout for me, Adam Zwar has got the pacing and tone just right. Victor asks why the ABC has slid into mediocrity? Maybe one answer could be the influx over the last 18 months of new management who have failed to grasp the core raison d’etre of the ABC. What “works” in the commercial spectrum doesn’t always work, or is as effective, at the ABC. Aunty does need shaking up, and redefining, from time to time, but to do it well requires fresh and unique approaches especially from it’s senior managers.

  7. Well, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever seen.
    It had the odd laugh but really it boiled down to a few try-hard quasi-celebrities trying to outdo each other. Plus I have no idea who the bearded fat guy was, which greatly reduced his impact. Hopefully better ‘stars’ will get more laughs.
    But if this is the best Denton came up with during his brainstorming stay at the Blue Mountains (ref David’s earlier promo story) then he must have spent most of his time enjoying the view instead of working.
    That said, I will watch it again.

  8. I thought Randling had no magic about it..the concept wasn’t very interesting and was like some show you’d expect at 5 pm.without the high tech glitz!!!..I went to sleep during the last ten minutes..not a good sign

  9. DrA – the first show for a program like Randling (quiz/games shows) is usually not the best because they are trying out things for the first time. As it goes on they will work out what works and what doesn’t.

    Last night’s show had its good moments, so I’m prepared to watch for a few more weeks.

  10. Totally agree. Far too slow. And not nearly smart enough. If it’s selling itself as a game about words, it should stick to words and aspire to be both amusing and intelligent. Guessing games like “Saint or Cyclone” shouldn’t qualify. Something closer to a game of Dictionary would be far more entertaining.

  11. As much as I hate to say this, I thought Randling was a bit of a let down. I reckon Andrew Denton is a great host and it’s great to see him back on TV, but I thought this show was a little lackluster. It was far too slow paced. Plus, there were some really awkward moments when the audience was just silent after some of the jokes told.

    Does anyone agree or am I being too harsh?

    I’ll give it another go next week, but I hope it’s gets better.

  12. The ABC will be in a bit of a funk too as the relative success of Randling clearly outlines that ABC audiences cherry pick programmes and ignore the chaff. Wild Life At The Zoo is non challenging, soft docu soap as was Country Town Rescue, Laid is even worse than last year (why renew it) and should never have been programmed on ABC1 (ABC2 would have been better). Agony Aunts is much better than Agony Uncles with the woman much more interesting and funnier than the men. But generally there is such a lack of ambition in most of these ABC shows. Why has the ABC slid into such mediocrity? Quality Australian programming will work far better for the ABC than quantity and give it a solid reason to exist and be subsidised by taxpayers.

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