2.71m as Brad & Lara win The Block

Ratings: Record breaking sales for The Block but it doesn't manage to break the ratings records.

2.71m Australians watched as Brad and Lara were named the winners of The Block.

The show pulled 950,000 viewers in Melbourne and 753,000 in Sydney, helping Nine to a huge 37.7% share over Seven 27.9%, TEN 16.8%, ABC 10.8% and ABC 5.8%.

Nine divided the finale into three titles in overnight ratings:

Winner Announced: 2.71m
Auction: 2.46m
Grand Final: 2.14m

But despite the record-breaking sales for the show, it wasn’t a record breaking audience. Last year The Block: The Winner Announced was the year’s top rating show with 3.37m viewers. So far this year The Voice tops the list for the biggest single audience at 3.1m.

But by any measure 2.71m is still a glorious set of numbers.

Nine’s other figures in preliminary data were 60 Minutes (including The Block overrun 1.76m Update: adjustment to 1.2m is expected), Nine News (1.57m) and Unforgettable (581,000).

Seven News (1.42m) led for Seven then Downton Abbey (1.4m), Sunday Night (1.1m), Billy Connolly’s Route 66 (930,000) and Castle (672,000).

MasterChef with guest Heston Blumenthal held at 1.07m then TEN News (506,000), New Girl (504,000), Touch (466,000), The Project (397,000) and Last Man Standing (395,000).

ABC had a tough night with ABC News (816,000), Sporting Nation (662,000), Wallander (508,000), Compass (392,000) and Antiques Master (259,000).

Tour De France led SBS ONE with 256,000 then World News Australia (191,000), Inside Nature’s Giants (181,000) and Clash of the Dinosaurs (146,000)

The Big Bang Theory topped multichannels with 300,000.

Sunday 1 July 2012

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  1. I just want to say even though it’s belated. Happy birthday Aunty. I do love you and have most of my life. What I didn’t know is according to Wikipedia (so it could be wrong ) is the Sydney radio station was launched on the same date as a certain Time Lord i.e. November 23. But in 1923. So that would make next year the 90th and the 50th anniversary of both. I love it especially as it makes it extra special and I never knew of that connection. It’s appropriate and wonderful if true. Including that the BBC office was also in Sydney (and I’ll note I’m from Victoria but I don’t mind this ) . 🙂

    By the way I am liking Sporting Nation.

  2. I thought The Block finale would rate higher than that. I’m another one who has not watched any of this series of The Block, or the last one. I also never watched it when it was on in the early 2000’s. From the ads it just looks very tedious and contrived to me, so I have never gotten into it.

  3. I stumbled onto Antiques Master last night while channel flicking during ads on The Project.

    Very bizarre show. Sort of a mix of Antiques Roadshow, the Price Is Right and Sale Of The Century!

    Fantastic result for The Block although I think I can honestly say I didn’t watch even a minute of the entire series. Some reality shows I can get sucked into watching but The Block has never been one of those for me.

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