Report: Producer exits Everybody Dance Now

The original executive producer of Everybody Dance Now has left the series according to media reports.

Andrew Cam, executive producer of Everybody Dance Now has left the series according to media reports today, although there is conflicting information about when he departed.

News Limited claims he “left the show on the back of its disastrous ratings figures,” and says the network line is he has resigned due to personal reasons.

But TEN and FremantleMedia claim he left prior to its debut on August 12th.

TV Tonight understands he was co-exec producer who left prior to the premiere due to both family and production reasons and others have left since.

Sandra Fulloon (Australian Idol) is now in charge of the struggling series, which landed fifth in its timeslot on Sunday.

There is speculation the show will shift to ELEVEN but it is still set to screen at 7:30pm this Sunday, despite TEN revamping the 6:30 lead in late yesterday afternoon.

Tonight TEN unveils its latest programming hope, I Will Survive, also from FremantleMedia, which goes up against another FMA series, The X Factor and Nine’s Big Brother -both are former TEN brands.

FremantleMedia did not return calls.

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  1. Regardless of what you think of the show you gotta feel sorry for the key people involved in the making of it because of the absolute kicking received. It’d be so stressful to be involved at all.

  2. They want to spend more time with their family. Isn’t that the usual line?
    So the truth would lie somewhere between the Murdoch press spin and TEN/Fremantle’s version. When did he leave? Before or after Aug. 12? Simple question?

  3. Well the heads are starting to roll now a producer has ‘left’ , next should be a programmer whose bright idea was to premiere this show against The Olympics. A $20million mistake should not go unpunished in any workplace.

  4. Interesting that a Murdoch owned paper has reported a Fremantle Executive has left the production due to “disastrous ratings”. Maybe someone is trying to create a diversion or scapegoat ! Maybe another Murdoch has something to do with it.

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