Cosentino is ratings magic

Ratings: Who knew magic could still hold a crowd spellbound? Cosentino takes Seven to a win with 1.28m viewers.

Who knew magic could still hold a crowd spellbound? But that’s exactly what happened last night when Seven’s special featuring Australia’s Got Talent runner-up Cosentino topped the TV ratings.

Cosentino: The Grand Illusionist pulled 1.28m viewers last night, helping Seven to another win.

Seven Network was 32.1% to Nine’s 27.7%, ABC 17.5%, TEN 17.1% and SBS 5.6%.

Seven’s other performers included Seven News (1.2m), Today Tonight (1.05m), Home and Away (964,000), Criminal Minds (953,000), Covert Affairs (531,000 / 339,000), and Deal or No Deal (524,000).

Nine News (1.11m) led Nine then ACA (1.02m), Big Brother (996,000), The Farmer Wants a Wife (867,000), Embarrassing Bodies (702,000), Hot Seat (534,000) and Embarrassing Kids Bodies (298,000).

ABC News won with 1.01m followed by Gruen Planet (946,000), Qi (791,000), 7:30 (758,000), Randling (504,000), Would I Lie to You? (468,000), At the Movies (322,000) and Lateline (221,000).

Puberty Blues (696,000) was best for TEN. TEN News was 691,000, Modern Family was 527,000, The Project 6pm was 454,000. Last Man Standing was 345,000 / 330,000, less than Tuesday’s I Will Survive but above the Wednesday episode a week ago. Class Of was 208,000. TEN Late News is now the latest headache for TEN on just 96,000 -lower than Dr. Phil in the afternoon.

Meet the Amish was 316,000 for SBS ONE followed by Bears of the Last Frontier (274,000), World News Australia (163,000) and The Great New Game (145,000).

7TWO’s Heartbeat topped multichannels with 294,000.

Wednesday 19 September 2012

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  1. I missed it on tv last night. Just caught the first 5 minutes on 7plus and turned it off. I love magic, but the card trick was obvious, and the opening safe escape and switch was blatant. I hate it when they have to dance around and hold their arms open begging for praise…

  2. Excellent show Ch Seven…watched it thinking this guy must have been American… very happy to see he was an aussie… and magic just makes me try and work out how they do it… i hope there is more

  3. I did enjoy this but it was almost a total copy of the Criss Angel Mindfreak series with the format.

    It even had the concerned brother and mother prior to the death defying trick, to boot.

  4. If Seven had Puberty Blues it would be getting about the same numbers it is getting now, only difference is they would quickly realise how unpopular it was and it would be axed within a couple of weeks.

    I personally can’t sit through a whole episode so can understand why nobody is watching.

    Seven aren’t stupid enough to commission a John Edwards drama, that’s why their dramas rate.

  5. This show really was awful. Due to all the cuts and different angles it really is hard to tell if he is a decent magician or not.

    The fact he used at least 1 plant in his audience is very telling though.

  6. Puberty Blues was great last night. Some of the best acting I’ve seen on Australian telly.

    Perfect show in perfect timeslot. I thought The Straits was my highlight this year but Puberty Blues really is cracking TV.

  7. Cosentino was a bit of fun last night but he is still no Criss Angel. Still it’s good to see new magic shows on the telly these days. Penn and Teller Fool Us on ABC1 earlier this year was great.

  8. I watched the ABC and SBS. I’ll admit I liked that they showed the Shuttle Endeavour on ABC News 24. Like Scott Bevan too. As I waited for At the Movies to start. Although Ch 24 still suffers from silly timeslots for most of the country. I’ll admit because of The Hamster Wheel most things on ABC1 next week probably will be good. Although not a fan of lying intentionally I’ll admit. So probably more Scott Bevan and only seeing half his show. I hate that kind of thing. I suspect I’m not the only one.

  9. slam I completely agree with you. Very odd and a little bit questionable that a magician on a talent show is top rating. I recall a couple of years back the sneak peak to Winners and Losers rated over 2million. hmmm….yeah.
    Such a shame Puberty Blues isn’t getting seen. It’s a real gem.

  10. In regards to EKB either there was an error in my EPG, there was another last minute programming change or for some reason there is a regional variation in programming as EKB was not on instead it was House Husbands repeat.

    Where I am though, A Current Affair starts at 7pm … on WIN, but I can’t see how that would affect the lineup ?

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