1. Well I think that it is about time Seven in both Sydney and Melbourne start the dual presenter news role as Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth have been doing for some time now. My recommendation also would be to scrap the news ticker at the bottom and just have the 7 news logo instead.

  2. Home and away has become all about the criminals with hearts of gold (The Braxton brothers) and some pretty stupid story lines with woeful actors- not to mention completely unbelievable story lines. Not to mention “actors” too old for their roles- Are we expected to beleive Sasha and Spencer aged 24 and 21 respectively are still 15 or 16 year old Year 10 students? Or an airhead like Bianca Scott has the intelligence to be a successful school principle with the amount of dopeyness her character portrays? Or Marylin the could really be in Love with John Palmer. Or Alf shares a house with his daughter her husband, and 2 randoms?

  3. Have Channel 7 ever thought of moving “Home and Away”to that time? It is so childish the last time I saw it, it would seem perfect for that giggly, pubescent age which is what most of the story lines cater toward

  4. carolemorrissey

    I used to love Deal or No Deal, but haven’t watched it for years now. Too many other great shows to watch. I’m usually watching Gold Coast News if I’m home at that time.

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