1. It looks like there is life in DWTS yet. It doesnt really have any competition but its good it can still pull high numbers after so many season.

  2. @Josh777 I agree, Recipe to Riches is a quality concept and it works well. Sleepy Hollow is solid but nothing spectacular for me.

    The glaring problem for Ten is the lack of a quality 6pm product. We all say that Ten should offer an alternative to the Big 2, but I feel a local 6pm news bulletin would definitely provide a better lead in for The Project. The Simpsons is simply far too polarising – people either love it or hate it.

  3. The Million Dollar Minute format may have worked elsewhere, but I found that hearing the full question before a buzzer was rare. Which meant that you were not connected with the show as in Hot Seat.

    Not wholly tongue-in-cheek, I partly watch Hot Seat for a touch of mental excercise after a days work … which M-$- Minute does not allow.

  4. ran over time!!! just lucky I noticed it was still running when I went to bed, or else I would have missed recording the end of Body of Proof. Tivo had already started recording as the EPG was not updated. Just because a network is winning the ratings does not give them the freedom to ignore their own advertised scheduled times! Networks should be penalised for running so extremely late – a few minutes here and there is OK, but not 30 mins – not happy with FTA television at the moment and am watching it less and less!

  5. I started watching Recipes to Riches last week and am absolutely hooked. And that paired with Sleepy Hollow has be on Ten from 6:30pm till 9:30pm. It’s just a shame that Ten’s numbers aren’t higher as it is really good quality stuff.

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