Returning: Fringe

2013-10-28_1021Fringe fans will finally get to see the final season, although you’ll need to get PVRs at the ready.

It’s back at 11:50pm Thursday November 7 on GO! (could it be any more buried?).

This season aired in the US in September 2012.

“Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”
The fifth and final season picks up from the ominous events of last season’s finale where the Fringe team is now a rebel resistance team fighting for freedom. Peter and his daughter Henrietta set out to find out what happened to his wife.


  1. I’ll watch it, I just haven’t had spare time to watch it so I didn’t bother getting it elsewhere, but when shows are actually airing I fit them into my schedule.

  2. Too late – already seen it on DVD! As have 90% of the potential audience that it would have possibly drawn if it had been broadcast with any sort of reliability and timeliness.

  3. The person who has to schedule Nein and its +1 (GO) must have the most boring job. Having to move around the same sitcoms and AGT multiple times cant be that interesting a job but hey at least they win the demos. Please sell it to somebody who has some sort of vision very soon.

  4. Thank you David for this article I’m very happy about its existence.

    As an individual I’m fine with what they’ve decided. I also have spotted a repeat on Sunday morning at 1.30am. I appreciate it because of possible power outages. Plus also I could watch it twice if I feel like it and tiredness hasn’t caught up with me. That said I’d understand if the other viewers aren’t so happy.

    I just apologise for any unintentional bad influence I may have had previously. That said I hope it can be played one episode a week with a repeat and stay on the same night. So it is consistent and the audience can find it more easily. I get Nine may be hoping the Star Trek audience might decide to watch it if they are awake. Not a horrible idea as I get why it’ll be on late. Thank you for playing it.

  5. I didn’t even realise FTA had this series!

    Only started watching it this year on foxtel up to series 3 and then found and watched the rest else where!

    It was really good but considering series 5 has only 13 episodes and jumps forward ………. i am curious if anyone will bother?

    Its the type of show that is best watched without any massive gaps!

  6. It might be worth keeping an eye on your EPG too – I remember last time GO randomly decided to show the season final on another night. I’m sure it won’t remain in that timeslot for its entire run anyways.

  7. Secret Squirrel

    Competely disrespectful treatment for Fringe fans. The unexplained non-broadcast of this was what finally broke my inertia regarding watching US dramas on commercial television.

    I am now almost completely disengaged from the commercial networks. Homeland is the only non-sport program that I currently watch on commercial FTA because it starts at the advertised time and I believe that it’s unlikely to be moved about the schedule.

  8. Too late, channel 9. I purchased the DVD set of season 5 ages ago, after waiting and waiting for it to appear on TV.

    The final season is the most suspenseful of the whole series, and definitely worth watching.

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