AACTA Awards restores Comedy category

7umboGood to hear that the AACTA Awards will reinstate TV Comedy as a stand-alone category, after previously including it with Light Entertainment.

Last year comedies such as Please Like Me, Upper Middle Bogan and Mad as Hell competed with Gruen Nation and The Agony of Life.

The superceded AFI Awards had separate Comedy and Light Entertainment categories. The Logie Awards still merge the two genres, pitting shows like It’s A Date and Housos against The Voice.

In a statement, the AACTA says following further “extensive consultation”, it will separate both categories into two awards “recognising the considerable contribution” of both.

The fourth AACTA Awards, have opened nominations for the television categories, to be presented in Sydney in January. Entries close August 8.

Source: news.com.au


  1. Secret Squirrel

    This is good news, a very sensible move, and an important one if AACTA want their awards to be taken a little more seriously than the Logies.

    I still can’t get my head around the fact that in other countries the major awards for TV are organised by an industry-based academy whereas here they’re run by a magazine with a circulation of 150,000 and falling.

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