Update: 50 Years of Homicide

Seven's tribute to Homicide for Melbourne viewers will include a full screening of the episode, "The Assassin."

2014-10-21_1458Some further info has arrived for Seven’s special 50 Years of Homicide tomorrow night.

I’m pleased to report this has been produced in-house by Seven under veteran producer Gordon Bennett and is hosted by Daniel MacPherson, –City Homicide was inspired by the original series.

It includes interviews with Ian Crawford from Crawford Productions, the late Leonard Teale and Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell.

One of the most famous episodes in its history, “The Assassin”, will also be shown in its entirety.

The episode was the final appearance by Leonard Teale and Alwyn Kurts and to help preserve the secrecy two versions of the script were written. TV Times even magazine ran a competition inviting readers to suggest a suitable exit for both.

At a running time of 75 mins. it probably means the history proportion is a bit modest, but it’s great that the show is being honoured.

Unfortunately this will only air in Melbourne as part of Seven’s local TV heritage rather than nation-wide.

Homicide aired from October 1964 until January 1977 on Channel 7 and is understood to be the longest running weekly primetime drama in the history of Australian TV.

Set around the homicide squad of the Victorian Police Force, and with many of the episodes based on real murder cases, the Melbourne-made series featured some of Australia’s most celebrated actors including Jack Thompson, Bill Hunter, Jacki Weaver, Sigrid Thornton and Garry McDonald.

50 YEARS OF HOMICIDE airs on Channel 7 on Wednesday October 22 at 10.30pm (Melbourne metro areas only).

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  1. @TasTVcameraman: The Broadcasting Act dictates that the third network in Tasmania (TDT) could only be operated by one or both of the existing incumbents. No other bidders were allowed so WIN and SC own TDT together.

    WIN (which owns Crawfords) may own the rights to Homicide in its regional markets which might explain why it’s not been relayed via any Seven affiliates such as Prime or SC, although it wasn’t even shown in other capital cities outside of Melbourne, which aren’t covered by WIN.

  2. Why not Tasmania……come on gives us something decent to watch or is it because Southern Cross and Win are in bed together with TDT. It could hurt the DVD sales that Win advertise ad nauseum.

    Why this does not contravene laws escapes me. The two channels go into a partnership to effectively block any one else getting TDT.

  3. David, did you attend the Q&A at RMIT last night (Monday) where they were discussing Homicide’s 50th? Was very interesting to get a bit of insight from those involved as well as others who’ve well researched the series.

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