1. Wow, those ratings for Studio 10 are woeful.. The Morning Show has almost 400% more viewers and Mornings has almost 300% more viewers. It is pretty clear Ten has all those hosts on contracts and can not afford to pay them out so they just keep having them turn up.

  2. I started watching the ‘odd animal human friendships’ show on Seven (I’ve just finished doing HSC marking so my brain is not up for anything taxing – it’s not my usual style I promise!!). Here was me, seeing the ad, thinking it was going to be all cutesy and lovely. I love snow leopards, so I was watching the snow leopard story with interest. Until it started hunting… I felt like Phoebe on Friends when she sees the real ending of Old Yeller for the first time “The End!! The End!! What kind of sick snuff film is this?” Changed it quite quickly!! Bit more of a left turn than I was expecting from the ads!!

    Recorded My Son the Jihadi for a later, less brain fogged day. Watched X Factor – why do they insist on filling the results show with so many waste of time performances? Could be over with in half the time for sure!

  3. Minor typo / correction – in the text I believe figure for Tuesday’s Nine News should be 1.087m (and not 1.87m). It’s a great site David, I check in most days and invariably find several interesting stories. Thanks for all your work.

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