Go! to screen Go! Kids block during daytimes

Nine is refreshing GO! with Go! Kids during daytime, with content from studios including Warner Bros., Turner and DreamWorks.

Go Kids! will feature new episodes of Pokémon, Regal Academy, BeyBlade Burst, The Powerpuff Girls and the previously-announced return of Hi-5.

Pokémon season 20 premieres in 2017 with classic episodes and Pokémon movies currently available each day.

Regal Academy premiered on Monday featuring Cinderella’s granddaughter Rose and her adventures at magic school.

New episodes of The Powerpuff Girls revive Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup air at 4.00pm weekdays while Japanese anime classic BeyBlade Burst airs at 7.00am weekdays.

An all-new Hi-5 brings back a much-loved Nine brand with a new line-up in 2017.

Kids’ WB also returns in 2017 along with Adventure Time, The Regular Show, Steven Universe, Paw Patrol, Yo-Kai Watch, The Looney Tunes Show and Ben 10.

Nine CEO Hugh Marks recently said, “Children’s Television is problematic for us.

“Children are the ones who are really entering into that On Demand environment. Capturing them on the main television screen is a huge challenge.”

9Now also offers catch up content.


  1. Wow I think that would be the first time Pokémon is shown on a network other than TEN free to air. Although season 20 has already been shown on Eleven (and is on Netflix in HD).

    This is a good move by GO!, showing actual cartoons kids actually want to watch. While the new Powerpuff Girls is a shadow of its former self, it is at least modern programming, part of ABC ME’s problem is they’re showing stuff like 5+ years old.

  2. Pokémon has already been shown by Toasted TV on Eleven, Toasted TV are currently showing the latest Pokémon season. Several other recent series (i.e. Beyblade Burst, anything Lego, Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V) are blatant toy commercials too. But is good to see more new series (Over the Garden Wall, Steven Universe, We Bare Bears) from Cartoon Network/Warner Bros been shown this year.

    We never actually got to see Be Cool, Scooby Doo! and Wabbit last year, I gave up waiting and ended up getting the DVD releases. Hopefully 2017 will actually bring new seasons/series of the returning cartoon series listed, and not just more endless repeats.

    @scooott: Disney cartoons seems to have died off, when Saturday Disney was cancelled. There are stacks of recent cartoon series (and seasons) from Disney we have not seen.

  3. It might be problematic but less so if you actually show some. At least give props to nine for trying. Offering of seven is poor unless you are a tweet that likes live action comedy. Cartoons which my kids gravitate to are non existent most of the time. Strange when you haven a deal with Disney which covers Marvel and Star Wars.

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