Myf Warhurst & Joel Creasey to host Eurovision for SBS

SBS has confirmed its next hosts for the Eurovision Song Contest: former Spicks and Specks panelist Myf Warhurst and comedian Joel Creasey.

The duo are replacing Julia Zemiro and Sam Pang who bowed out after 8 years together.

SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid said: “Australians have embraced Eurovision since SBS’s first broadcast more than 30 years ago and as a nation, we feel incredible warmth and admiration for the countries, their cultures, the contest, and what it represents. Already loved by Australian audiences, Joel Creasey and Myf Warhurst perfectly capture this spirit, and we’re thrilled to welcome them as SBS’s new Eurovision hosts.”

Myf Warhurst said: “I truly fell in love with Eurovision back in 1998 when Guildo Horn performed a sweaty bell solo mid song for Germany, and from there, it was love at first sight. I’ve hosted Eurovision parties ever since. It was an honour to be a member of the Aussie voting jury last year, but now, getting into the arena and actually hosting the glittery Olympics of music…. It’s an absolute dream gig for me. I’m still pinching myself!”

Joel Creasey said: “I couldn’t be more ready to accept the job of Eurovision host, and give Aussies an all-access pass that I think we truly deserve as gatecrashers. I’ve started studying up on this years’ acts and am going to need to map out my plan of dressing rooms to sneak into backstage – I’ve got my eye on the Swedish backup dancers and Romanian rap yodelers at this point.”

Isaiah Firebrace represents Australia in Kyiv with his song, “Don’t Come Easy.”

The Eurovision Song Contest, 7.30pm, May 12 – 14 on SBS, with Live early morning broadcasts from May 10.


  1. I like both Myf and Joel a lot so I’m cool with this. I met Myf last year hosting talks about New Order as part of the Vivid festival and I was completely starstruck. She was absolutely lovely.

  2. Eurovision is a joke. Since we have a cult following here, SBS organized Australia to participate in the content. This should have been a one-off, but no.

  3. Well, it passes the first test: they’re not completely awful.

    (I know that seems like a low bar, but have you seen who they get to host some things on TV these days???)

    This could work out well, but let’s face it we won’t really know until Semi Final 1…

  4. Love the fact Myf is doing it the right choice. But Joel Creasey oh dear no. Just because he fits the diversity catergory doesn’t make him the right choice. When he hosted Mardi Gras he seem to talk over everyone else and didnt bring anything new. I am predicting that he will be filled with his stereotypical comments that he brings to his interview. Massive EPIC fail by SBS. Replace him before it is to late.

    • The Ukraine government’s official position is that “Kyiv” is the correct Latinisation & spelling in English.

      “Kiev” is a transliteration of the Russian spelling, and they’d rather distance themselves from that for obvious reasons…

      • Taking a foreign govts advice on how to spell in English is a bad idea-sows confusion-as they said on ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’: “She’s from Munchen-apparently it’s near Munich…”.

          • I would’ve thought you of all people would be comfortable with an umlatted ü 😉

            And if we all went around taking advice from old British comedies we’d still be blow-drying our pussies…

            (If you want a double entendre, I’ll give you one!)

  5. Joel got so over-excited at one stage, it was like watching a uni kid doing their first TV broadcast – it was far from professional, slick or fun. I know from watching his other performances he is better than that.

  6. I like Joel, but I really hope he goes back to watch his hosting of Mardi Gras to learn from past mistakes. The way he yelled into the camera all night through the broadcast was painful. I know he and the rest of the team were excited to be at Mardi Gras, but that is no excuse for yelled into the camera for the entire broadcast. It got so bad when Em Rusciano decided to join him in the same pitch, I turned off – and that’s a first from someone who has been watching Mardi Gras coverage for over 20 years. Joel, just pull it in and don’t yell when you get excited at Eurovision, and it should be a good time for all.

    • It tends to happen every year and we saw it on NYE too. But you are dead right. I raised this point with SBS boss and said “I get that they are swept up in the environment but they have to trust their audio team, otherwise it is painful on the couch.”

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