Drama classics added to 9Now

Classic Nine dramas McLeod's Daughters & Sea Patrol have been added to 9Now with Water Rats on the way.

9Now has added ‘box set dramas’ for your summer viewing including classics McLeod’s Daughters & Sea Patrol and will soon add Water Rats.

They join Love Child, House Husbands, Doctor Doctor, Rescue Special Ops and a host of love-themed reality shows. To tease viewers for Love Island, they include newest episodes of Straight Outta Love Island: Chris and Kem.

Nine’s General Manager of Video, Niamh Collins, said, “At a time when our audience have time to unwind and enjoy the holiday break, Nine is offering more program choice to enjoy with our distinctive summer content slate of dating, reality and drama viewing available on demand anytime, anywhere.”

Among the ‘Summer Love’ programs being made available on 9Now between now and February are:

Box Set Dramas:

· McLeod’s Daughters
· Doctor Doctor
· Love Child
· House Husbands
· Rescue Special Ops
· Sea Patrol
· Water Rats – coming February

Reality Series:

· 90 Day Fiancé
· Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta
· Snog, Marry, Avoid?
· Tabatha’s Salon Takeover
· Married at First Sight AU
· Married at First Sight USA
· Love Island UK
· Straight Outta Love Island: Chris and Kem
· Bridezillas
· Dress to Impress
· Arranged
· Dance Moms
· Four Weddings UK
· Four Weddings USA
· My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

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      1. It’s more a retrospective anger than anything, you would know how expensive some Australian TV DVDs have been over the years, bot cheap to produce (I think I paid close to $60 a pop for each season of Blue Heelers). Look, I get it, but I’d unequivocally watch 9Now if it were available back before I bought Sea Patrol, ads included. Just thought it was a valid point.

    1. LOL do you get upset with the likes of Stan and Netflix that you get alot of series you probably already own on DVD for just $12 per month? I for one spent $70 on Season 8 of Friends back in the day. That would pay for 6 months of Stan today.

    2. You also can watch them without an internet connection. No-one stockpiling data on your viewing habits, no potential buffering, lots of upsides. I’d rather own a DVD and watch at my own leisure than stream it personally.

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