Nine News dumps Perth anchors

Nine News Perth has told its two anchors Tim McMillan and Emmy Kubainski their services are no longer required, with Christmas just around the corner.

Nine says the changes are part of a broader change of direction for the bulletin in 2018.

“Nine would like to thank both Tim and Emmy on behalf of the newsroom for their contribution to Nine and wish them well for the future,” Nine said in a statement.

Emmy Kubainski said: “I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to bring Nine News into the homes of our wonderful viewers for the past three years. It’s been great to be part of Nine’s transition from Dianella into the CBD. I will certainly miss working with the incredible team at Channel Nine in Perth. They’re talented, hardworking and lots of fun. It’s been a pleasure.”

But Tim McMillan, who relocated from Melbourne to Perth for the role 5 years ago, shared an instagram image saying he was looking forward to his first holiday read.

The change comes just days after Ray Wardrop resigned as managing director and his replacement Clive Bingwa was announced.

Announcements for 2018 will be made in due course.


  1. I’m from Perth and they were the reason why I switched from ch 7 news to Perth ch 9 news. Such good news achors and now we’d most likely get nothing but news from the Eastern states-if that’s where the new direction is heading. We want local content, about our own state.

  2. It’s great that we all believe Ray Wardrop resigned from his post as Managing Director over in Perth. Am so pleased that Channel 9 was able to find his replacement within a week. I detect the hand of spin-doctors working overtime. Some big changes are clearly planned over in the West.

  3. harrypotter1994

    7 News Perth has been so successful for so many decades because the anchors have remained the same. Maybe 9 should take note? There will never be another Rick & Sue but stability would do them some good.

  4. It’s harsh, perhaps unexpected right before Christmas, but not a huge shock. Given the dire ratings for the bulletin (regualrly beaten by Ten News as well), dragging down Nine News’ 5 city number.

  5. Knowing Nine and what they did to the Darwin feed they will probably get Brisbane and Sydney on weekends like we do. We are both capital cities unbelievable they treat their viewers like this!

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