1. Maev....Sydney

    Back in Time for Dinner….ah the orange era….yes, I did that…
    And I loved the young lass on the rotary dial phone…the look on her face when she actually had someone on the other end…even if just, the time…was precious…

  2. At what time do Ten take the step do change their evening line-up? The Project seems to get a steady number but well below the other two in the same time slot. Surely they should at least try to get that number up which I am sure in turn will increase the numbers of the shows following even more and may even give them a win or two…

    Or are they happy to fight it out for third every night?

    • Peter Ford said the other day Ten may be looking at moving their news to 6 or 7pm. If that eventuates particularly the latter I wonder what that means for The Project?

      • I have said for a long time ten need to move their news to 6pm and invest it quality creditable journos. If you can’t beat them. Join them. Their news at five is just a waste. They need to invest in news at a time when most eyeballs want to watch the news. Then it will help their overall ratings.

        • Aussiecam58

          I would give Lisa her own ACA/Today Tonight show. They have got nothing to loose. Use bet talent for interviews not just as a host.

    • harrypotter1994

      Seems like a waste to me. 1. The 7pm portion of the Project is always highest because the news and ACA programmes on the other commercial networks have finished. 2. Viewers have ingrained tastes. The majority of Perth and Adelaide viewers will still watch 7 News and the majority of Sydney and Melbourne viewers will watch 9 News. Ten will be left behind as per usual.

  3. thedirtydigger

    Like a skinny anaemic kid on the beach House Rules gets sand kicked in its face by a new bully … with no Charles Atlas – or Barnaby Joyce – in sight to save the day.
    Why Seven perseveres with this bogan tripe is beyond me.
    Even having Jo Griggs wheel out the ” I told ’em ” Commonwealth Games spray for the 100th time can’t change the fate of this mediocre show.

    • It fits into the cringeworthy genre along with Seven’s new ‘heart’ promos and Coles Down Down, to which many viewers respond.

  4. Buying Blind dragged on way too long. If it went for an hour, it would have been a great show – they were padding way too much.

    By the time it came around to the house reveal, I had completely lost interest, but persisted. After the couple who bought the house used the word ‘amazing’ for what felt like the 100th time, I was done.

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