Freeview app reaches 1 million downloads

Freeview has announced one million downloads of its Freeview FV app since its launch in 2016.

The app links to other apps such as 9Now, iview and SBS On Demand for Live viewing opt-ins, based on East Coast scheduling.

Freeview CEO Liz Ross said the number of downloads demonstrates the growth of BVOD in Australia, with over 432,000 Freeview users recorded in May across its streaming and catch up programs, up 25% from the same time in 2017.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the response we’ve had for Freeview FV. To see one million downloads is testament to the hard work of Australian broadcasters and our team in creating an app that delivers quality content and convenience to Australian viewers,” said Ross.

Seven million Australians are streaming more than two billion minutes of catch up and live streaming content each month across all BVOD apps.

“Our broadcasters are delivering content that uniquely caters to an Australian audience, and with more accessibility and convenience delivered through Freeview products including Chromecast and Apple TV, we’ve evidently seen users wholeheartedly continue to embrace Australian free-to-air,” said Ross.

But the app gets mixed reviews on Apple and Google Play at around 2.5 stars with many reporting frustrations wth scheduling inaccuracy, extra apps, and crashes. But others praised it for working with Chromecast.

Ross says the popularity of Chromecast, launched in May 2017, has seen a nine-fold growth since its inception, and Apple TV users are up by over 300 per cent since February 2018.

“Australians want to watch whatever they want from wherever they are, and we’re continually working on new ways to deliver fantastic content right into their hands,” she said.


  1. Why do people bother using this useless app? There’s better alternatives. I would love to know the number of people who uninstalled it straight after they downloaded it.

  2. It seems like more of an app launcher than a hub for FTA TV. You need the Nine app to stream anything Nine. You need each networks app to stream the catchup and TEN doesn’t stream their channels 24/7. Hopefully it improves.

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