What I’ve Been Watching: Ryan Johnson

Doctor Doctor star is a fan of everything from French Drama to Get Krackin'.

Doctor Doctor’s Ryan Johnson is a fan of everything from French Drama to Get Krackin‘.

He reveals what’s on his small screen….

1. What shows are on your must-see TV list lately?
Better Call Saul is at the top. I’ve been there the whole way from Breaking Bad. It’s such a brave way to tell a story. Everyone was waiting for it to be a broad comedy but the show really takes what could have been a two dimensional character and just keeps peeling back the layers. I’m loving GLOW, UnREAL and Get Shorty. All Aussie Adventures makes me cry with laughter. Glen Robbins is a national treasure. I hope Get Krackin’ gets another season! Those two Kates are comic geniuses and I’m saving up a few of the latest Rakes to binge. Also hurry up Killing Eve season 2!

2. What’s your preferred genre to watch and which shows are current highlights?
I love all the French Shows on Netflix – not many friends know of them but there are some really awesome 6 part minis. La Mante was incredible and I really enjoyed The Forrest and No Second Chance. Hotel Beau Séjour on Netflix came out of Belgium and also really blew me away. The Five on SBS. They all are shows with mystery and murder. Oh and Occupied on Netflix is really cool. Norway invent clean energy and are invaded by Russia. It’s a really interesting ‘what if’ scenario about occupation.

3. Which guilty pleasure show are you reluctant to admit to watching?
I really love murder doco series with bad re-enactments. There was this one show called Scorched Love – where people have affairs and then jealous exes kill them. It shouldn’t be entertainment but I can’t look away. There’s another show called American Greed which is about epic scam artists who take pensioners for a ride, or embezzle money from charities etc. I genuinely feel guilty about how much I enjoy that stuff. It’s satisfying when they are caught. This questionnaire makes me realise how much I love television!

4. Who is a must-see in any show that they do and what was their last knockout performance?
Alan Dukes is currently in season 3 of Doctor Doctor. He plays the family’s estate lawyer that also has a crush on Meryl (our mum). The way he can make a paragraph or something as simple as blinking funny is masterful. He is all parts hilarious and real and subtle. The scene where he is reading out our father’s will while simultaneously hitting on our mum is one for the archives.

5. What show would you secretly love to be cast on?
The Sopranos but I’m a bit late. The Alf reboot? That would be amazing.

6. What is coming up for your character in Doctor Doctor storylines?
Trouble in paradise with Charlie and our tensions over starting a family. An old friend from school turns up and happens to be a female and single and things get a bit confusing. Also brotherly angst with Ajax about how the farm should be run. It’s a lovely season. It shifts a little bit this time around, as the family grapple with Jim’s death. Everything this year is still funny but we see some rawer and more vulnerable sides to all of the characters.

Doctor Doctor airs 8:40pm Monday on Nine.

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