Airdate: Larry The Wonder Pup

New locally-produced kids’ series Larry The Wonder Pup begins next week on 7TWO.

The series is a co-production between WTFN and animation producers Chocolate Liberation Front.

Using both live action and animation the series is aimed at children 6-12 years old and stars 10-year-old Melbourne schoolgirl Ava Houben-Carter who has since snared a role in the upcoming stage musical “School of Rock”.

7:30am Tuesday October 2 on 7TWO.

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  1. So given the channel & timeslot chosen, is this proof kids no longer watch broadcast fta tv & the networks know it? I just found it interesting given the contriversy in recent years around fta not producing/airing enough childrens television, no point putting $ into something that does not rate for the sake of tradition.
    As i’ve said before, it does seem like pre schoolers still do watch tv & no doubt educational shows for that age group are vital, but 6-12 yo?

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