Insiders pushes into Sunday’s top 10

Ratings: Barrie Cassidy could be vying for a primetime slot after Insiders yields 335,000 viewers.

It may not have been in primetime but yesterday ABC’s Insiders pushed into the top 10 shows for Sunday.

Driven by interest in the Victorian state election it pulled 335,000 viewers, -that was higher than several primetime shows including The Sunday Project, Missy Higgins & Friends Live, a movie on Nine and everything on SBS.

Meanwhile All Together Now won its slot with 717,000 viewers ahead of 60 Minutes on 647,000 then Don’t Stop the Music, The Graham Norton Show and Pompeii’s Final Hours all from around 7:30pm.

Sunday Night retained the lead from around 8:45pm on 571,000 ahead of RBT (from 8pm), NCIS, a Nine movie, NCIS, ABC’s Missy Higgins concert and The Facebook Dilemma.

Seven News outranked Nine News for top honours.

Seven network won Sunday with 32.4% then Nine 29.2%, 10 15.3%, ABC 15.2% and SBS 7.9%.

Seven News topped the night with 888,000 then All Together Now (717,000), Sunday Night (571,000) and Manhunt (320,000).

Nine News led for Nine with 812,000 then 60 Minutes (647,000), RBT (507,000), and movie: The Equalizer (287,000).

The Graham Norton Show (366,000) was best for 10 then The Sunday Project (312,000 / 211,000), NCIS (305,00 / 229,000), and 10 News First (275,000).

ABC News (666,000), Don’t Stop the Music (443,000), Missy Higgins & Friends Live (263,000), and Harry Potter: A History of Magic (135,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Pompeii’s Final Hours (210,000), The Facebook Dilemma (145,000 / 117,000) and SBS World News (121,000).

7mate movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (163,000) was best on multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights:  Sunday 25 November 2018

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  1. ‘Insiders’ is shown many times in a day-1st screens at 6.00am DST on ABC News here in WA, last repeated at 5.00am on Monday morning ABC1 and all that’s before recorded time shifting is taken into account.

  2. Fox will be wrapped with the numbers for the T20I after some negative publicity following the ratings disappointment of the first ODI. Shows how things improve when the rain goes away and the game is competitive.

        1. Not really the point though is it? What you can afford is irrelevant and elitist really..
          Cricket is supposedly the national game, and behind a paywall is viewed by less people than watch RBT.

          1. @ ditto…totally agree…so many people make comments from the view of their world…which they assume is everyone else’s world……

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