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Veteran actor, best known for Homicide and Bellbird, died recently.

Veteran actor Terry McDermott, best known for Homicide and Bellbird, died recently the age of 91.

He died from Parkinson’s disease several days before Christmas.

McDermott appeared in the pilot episode of Homicide which would wait a year before Seven picked it up. Whilst he had been offered hosting work at ABC Hector Crawford convinced McDermot to hold off. After Seven picked up the show he played Det. Sgt. Bronson for over two years, eventually being shot dead by a then-unknown Gerard Kennedy.

McDermott would find success at ABC as Max Pearson in Bellbird from 1969 -1973 and starred and co-produced the movie adaptation, Country Town.

Other credits included The Adventures Of The Seaspray, Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, Barrier Reef, The Adventures of Long John Silver, Whiplash, Consider Your Verdict, Division 4, Matlock Police, Bluey, Young Ramsay, Boney, Cop Shop, Skyways, The Sullivans, Holiday Island, Prisoner, Mission: Impossible, Tanamera: Lion of Singapore, Anzacs, Neighbours and Time Trax.

Films included The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith, The Mango Tree, and Dimboola, while McDermott also had long-running stage credits.

A personal thanks too for taking the time to visit a much younger DK, in my home no less, to talk to me about working in show business. Thanks Terry.

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