Returning: MasterChef Australia

10 has now confirmed Season 11 of MasterChef Australia will kick off Monday April 29.

That will pit it against night 2 of Lego Masters, from the same producers Endemol Shine, while Seven is yet to confirm the launch date of House Rules (tipped for Sunday 28th).

Guest chefs this season include Nigella Lawson, Rick Stein, Clare Smyth, Yotam Ottolenghi, Curtis Stone and Maggie Beer while former contestants Poh Ling Yeow, Billie McKay and Matt Sinclair are back as mentors.

Twenty-four talented and passionate home cooks, all with different backgrounds, experiences, skills and cultural influences, will earn the privilege of wearing the coveted white apron.

Australia’s favourite judges Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris are back in the kitchen, ready to encourage, challenge and push contestants to extend their repertoire and cook better than they’ve ever cooked before.

Fan-favourites and MasterChef Australia alumni Poh Ling Yeow, Billie McKay and Matt Sinclair will join the judges each week in the official role as mentors, to guide contestants as they take on a professional chef in the Immunity Challenges.

Returning for the fourth time, domestic goddess Nigella Lawson will inspire and challenge in her own week.

Culinary superstars of the food world, Rick Stein, Clare Smyth and Yotam Ottolenghi return to our shores for Legends Week.

Keen to keep the contestants on their toes, celebrity chef Curtis Stone joins us again from LA for a Keeping Up With Curtis challenge. And the beloved Maggie Beer returns for a special challenge at the iconic landmark Hanging Rock.

This new season brings a nail-biting challenge at a black-tie event at Melbourne’s State Library with Nigella Lawson as the guest of honour, and a week exploring sunny Queensland, with challenges in the state’s top restaurants and a cook-off at a bustling surf club on the beach.

Monday, April 29 at 7.30pm on 10.


    • Well, of course, apart from the inability of most MKR contestants actually to cook palatable food and the really unpleasant cattiness exhibited by participants to each other, you’re absolutely right! You get neither of those qualities in Masterchef – it tends to attract a more discerning audience who is interested in quality food.

  1. So basically wait all this time for bach in paraduse to come back on , and it’s only on for a few weeks ?? What aload of Bullshit !!!

  2. I thought House Rules would be Monday (or possibly Tuesday because of the Leaders debate). The MKR grand final should be the day before on the Sunday. I doubt Seven will be making 2017’s mistake again and screening them both on the same night.

  3. We’re only five episodes in for Bachelor in Paradise, so I’m not sure how exactly they’re going to conclude the season with Masterchef Australia premiering soon. With Comedy and DWTS Grand Final airing on Sunday and Monday next week, that will be 9 episodes in total so far.

    Unless it’s a much shorter season this year, I don’t think the Grand Final (episode 10) of BIP would fall on Sunday 28th April (considering it was ep16 last year). Maybe they might move BIP to 10 Peach for the final two weeks from Sundays-Thursdays? Who knows.

  4. Yay, I predicted this on one of my previous posts. BiP didn’t last this long this time if that’s the case, really enjoying it this season.

  5. Fantastic. 11 seasons down and still causing excitement. I find it easier to work out where my week is when I can think “Tonight is first elimination night on MasterChef so it must be Monday” etc.

  6. Why didn’t 10 wait until Bachelor in Paradise to finish before showing MasterChef? There are still a few episodes of Bachelor in Paradise to go after Easter. Is 10 planning to do the unthinkable by showing top 50 auditions of MasterChef on Sunday and Monday (say) and Bachelor in Paradise on Tuesday-Thursday for two or three weeks?

  7. Yes, I’m excited and will certainly be watching!
    So, will it be replacing Dancing With the Star’s time slot or will it be changed after a few episodes?

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