Ricki-Lee to host Australia’s Got Talent

Former Australian Idol graduate Rickie-Lee Coulter is the new host of Australia’s Got Talent.

Coulter rose to fame in 2004 on the second season of Idol, but while she finished seventh she made a big impression and has turned her 15 minutes into 15 years of showbiz with singles including “Hell No!” and “Sunshine”. She has made various singing appearances on television as well as on It Takes Two, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Circus. Her sole TV hosting has been on 7TWO’s Life Changing Adventures.

But she will now assume the hosting role on Seven’s revived talent series, alongside judges Nicole Scherzinger, Shane Jacobson, Manu Feildel and Lucy Durack.

You can get tickets for Sydney & Melbourne shows here.

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. Here’s hoping the judges won’t just go for the musical acts. One of the reasons why talent on Nine was because it was mainly singers that got through. There is enough singing shows as there is. I enjoy the quirky acts, magicians and comedians without them it is just another singing show.

  2. I seriously would have loved Red Symons to return to the judging panel. Guitarist on one of Australia’s leading bands Skyhooks, radio and TV presenter, and all round good bloke.

  3. Always watched AGT on 7 but not getting excited with this line-up. Manu and Shane are a strange choice as neither are known for their music or dance ability, so lack cred as judges. Nicole is a big name in the UK but not as well known here. If Danni and Kyle was in it I would give it a look but will probably give it a miss.

  4. I do remember seeing her as a “co-host” of sorts on Australian Idol, interviewing family and friends of contestants in the audience. But sadly, have never heard of 7Two’s Life Changing Adventures before, so cant comment on that. I hope she does a good job on Australia’s Got Talent.

  5. Unusual choice, but pleased a female is hosting. I think she will do a great job, but kind of picture her more as a judge than host. Looking forward to the variety of acts rather than just singing or dancing.

  6. benita_449

    A friendly FYI to add: Ricki Lee hosted final season/s of Australian Idol. (6 and 7 I believe). After she joined budget cuts seemingly fired James and left (then) Andrew G on his own with Ricki Lee.

  7. I should be happy it’s not Denyer, Morris or Brown…. but Rikki-Lee???? Something strange going on at 7, they’ve got the wobbles big time.

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