Christie Whelan-Browne to guest on Neighbours

Actress Christie Whelan-Browne (The Wrong Girl, Wonderland) will guest on Neighbours.

She will play Scarlett Brady, a complex individual, a die-hard romantic and master manipulator.

With a troubled and complicated childhood behind her, she lands in Erinsborough with a hidden agenda, and a severe and concerning obsession with one of Ramsay Streets favourites.

In a twist of irony, Whelan-Browne is also being sued by former Neighbours star Craig McLachlan, but the case has been postponed.

She will make her debut on Neighbours in September 2019.

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  1. I hope this backfires on the producers because the timing of her on air appearance is less than coincidental, don’t you think? And how absolutely disgraceful that the producers would do this after Craig was one of the characters that made this show what it was! (past tense). Gobsmacked at some people’s morals.

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