Lisa Millar joins News Breakfast

Lisa Millar has been confirmed to join News Breakfast from mid-August, replacing Virginia Trioli.

Millar, who has previously filled-in alongside co-host Michael Rowland, starts from Monday 19 August. Trioli departs the show after a decade to replace outgoing ABC Radio host Jon Faine in Melbourne.

“I’ve been traveling quite a bit in regional Australia since I got back and people are always asking me about the Brekky team and whether everyone is as nice and friendly as they seem,” Millar says.

“The answer is a definite yes. And I can’t wait to join them.”

Michael Rowland will also take on an additional role as the ABC’s Senior Network Presenter, anchoring coverage of big local and world events across ABC News programs and platforms, including the 7pm News.

“I look forward to drawing on my experience as a foreign correspondent, and the dozens of on-location broadcasts I’ve hosted for News Breakfast over the years, to bring to ABC audiences breaking stories from around Australia and around the world,” Rowland says.

“I’m also so excited to be sharing the Breakfast couch with Lisa Millar. She’s undoubtedly one of this country’s finest journalists and brings a genuine warmth and empathy to the screen. And we’re great mates.

“It’s been a pleasure working alongside Virginia for the past nine years – we’ve been part of a formidable team. ABC Radio Melbourne will benefit enormously from her broadcasting prowess.”

Virginia Trioli said, “I’m so happy for Lisa and for the fabulous News Breakfast audience that they’re going to spend mornings together. Lisa’s a brilliant journalist and communicator and this is a perfect fit.

“I’m bubble-wrapping my alarm clock and sending it over.”

Her farewell program will be on Thursday 15 August.


  1. Lisa is a perfect replacement and I think ratings will increase with this new team. I really enjoyed seeing them both last time she filled in. I just wish they’d do something to make the set look a bit bigger than a broom cupboard.

  2. daveinprogress

    Lisa is a great addition. She and Michael already have a natural affinity. There will be the missing frisson that Virginia always provided. Edge. Maybe the new dynamic will unearth somebody else to step up as provocateur

  3. 1ofmanytvpeople

    I guess this is more of a radio related question, due to Trioli replacing Jon Faine here in melbourne on 774, but what is the deal with Virginia finishing up in August, when Jon Faine supposedly finishing up at the end of the year(which is usually before xmas)? Is Faine finishing up earlier or are they going to be working together, the only other idea is that Virginia is going to he having another “break”(she had a 4 month holiday earlier this year – not starting back on air until March). I thought this mornings announcement was a little strange – re Virginia finishing up in august and not november.

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