Logies top 10 speeches

Following the Logies on Nine, is a special on best speeches across the decades.


For those who love their Logie history, Sunday evening viewing will also feature a special on best awards speeches.

Australia’s Top 10 of Everything is a clip show special scheduled to follow the very long broadcast. By that stage we’ll be sick of speeches, so maybe it’s one for the PVR.

We’ve trawled through hundreds of hours of Logie palaver to countdown 10 of the most entertaining Logie Speeches ever.

11pm (ish) Sunday on Nine.

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  1. I wonder if Molly’s speech when he hijacked Samuel Johnston’s Gold acceptance speech will make the Top 10 ;). Joan Rivers was a highlight for me, although the room didn’t seem to enjoy her as much as I did. Looking forward to this special.

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