Returning: Expedition Unknown

Archaeologist and explorer Josh Gates returns to Discovery with a new season of Expedition Unknown next month.

Josh Gates has travelled to the ends of the Earth investigating the greatest legends in history to find out the truth and the new season of Expedition Unknown is packed with some of his most daring adventures yet. Armed with his quick wit, trademark fearlessness and cutting-edge technology, Josh is tackling new mysteries, new destinations and making new discoveries about historic mysteries and archaeological puzzle

Across eleven episodes, his insatiable passion for the unexplained has him following in the footsteps of the real Indiana Jones to learn the truth behind the fabled Crystal Skull of Doom, to diving the Great Lakes in search of the Holy Grail of lost American shipwrecks, The Griffon. He takes on South America’s freezing Lake Titicaca on the hunt for the Atlantis of the Andes, and stalks prey that has eluded capture for 25 years in France – an owl statuette that’s worth half a million dollars. In Germany, Josh hunts for a missing Nazi fortune hidden with a code allegedly created by Hitler’s private secretary and embedded into a piece of sheet music, plus he embarks on a quest for some of the most important relics in history… The Dead Sea Scrolls

The new season of Expedition Unknown starts in the jungles of Central America where Josh explores the legend behind the crystal skull which was discovered in the 1920s by archaeologist and adventurer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, who was the inspiration for Indiana Jones. Mitchell-Hedges claimed an advanced pre-Maya civilisation created it, however some say he was a fabulist who was burnishing his own reputation with a fake relic. Josh is on a mission to confirm whether it’s a relic or hoax.

In April this year, Josh Gates took part in the first major excavation in Egypt in a generation, where a team of Egyptian archaeologists and explorers uncovered a 2,500-year-old mummy of a high priest for the first time ever on live television. Broadcast live in Australia and 94 countries around the world, Expedition Unknown: Egypt LIVE gave viewers a rare opportunity to join an actual archeological excavation in real time – exploring a labyrinth of underground tombs and witnessing the inner chambers of the remote burial site known as Al-Ghorifa in Middle Egypt, located approximately 265km south of Cairo. The team also found another two mummies along with a treasure trove of antiquities including a mysterious wax head.

Tuesdays from 3 September at 8:30pm on Discovery Channel

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