Tim Gossage marks 30 years at 10

10 News First Perth sports producer / presenter Tim Gossage is celebrating 30 years at 10.

He started at the network on August 21, 1989, as a casual reporter, but had second thoughts about working in the industry when he was sent to cover a cat rescue.

“They were keen for me to do news… I didn’t want to do news,” he told 10 Daily.

“They sent me on some sort of a rescue – I remember looking at the camera and saying ‘If these cats are alive I’ll quit journalism’ – and the next shot was a ‘meow’.

“That was one of the first stories I ever did and I thought if this is what it’s going to be like, maybe not, so I steered my way to Sport.”

During his three decades he has hosted local footy show Western Front, been an AFL commentator or boundary rider on 10 and FOX Sports, hosted the Sandover Medal and the WA Football Hall of Fame.

“I was a journalist at the West and 10. I was virtually told I’d never present… I had the strange voice and wore glasses and had to buck the trend.

“But I was a journalist first and I’ve always prided myself on that – I worked very hard on credibility, very hard on fact-checking.”


  1. For me he’s the best sport presenter going around. He’s got a great sense of humour and clearly loves his sport. He and Lockie Read make a great team too.

    All the best on your 30 years Tim, see if you can give us at least 10 more!

  2. RightWingConservative

    Tim Gossage is also one of the best AFL commentators on radio. Really knows how to bring the game to life without pictures.

    These days he is heard on SEN Melbourne and AFL Nation nationally calling games from Perth and Alice Springs. Some years back I seem to recall he commentated on 3AW alongside Rex Hunt for a few weeks after the untimely death of 3AW / Fox Footy’s Clinton Grybas.

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