1. What 8.30 slot?

    You mean the 8.47/9.06/8.51/8.33/842/916/5”858/851/9.01/906 slot

    How can you Catch the start or a show when you Hwhw zero idea what time it starts.

    The networks creates this problem

    In the Us shows start to the second – the second!

    • Agreed. The networks are unreliable. No such thing as an 8.30 slot and hasn’t been in at least a decade. People are now accustomed to automatically looking elsewhere.

  2. I’m not so much bored as frustrated, with late starting times and the pop up previews are just insulting,I don’t want to be watching something and Scotty Cam or someone pops up nearly as big as the main characters, its very odd.

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