Outback Opal Hunters strike it big

Spoiler alert? One crew uncover a massive find in newest Discovery season.

Spoiler alert?

Season 3 of Outback Opal Hunters, which returns to Discovery tonight, sees one crew hit the jackpot when they uncover a massive $100,000 worth of opal in just one find.

Season 3 follows seven teams across three states on their battle to strike it rich.

New crew from South Australia, The Tunnel Rats, are father and son mining team Bayden and Rodney Pearse and newcomer Elisa Grobe, Bayden’s partner (pictured). They’re scrambling to keep their opal mining careers afloat as Mintabie, the historic opal mining town they call home, is being closed for good and they need to leave. Hunting prized Mintabie opal, The Tunnel Rats are in a race to make enough money to relocate their entire operation or they risk losing everything.

In Episode 4 (Thursday 7 November) they blast their way to a fortune when they uncover $100,000 of crystal Mintabie opal in one hit at their Grasshopper lease. It’s a life-changing discovery for the team who are desperate to make at least $200,000 this season to keep their mining operation running in a new town.

This season also sees the return of Col Duff, The Fire Crew, The Cooke Brothers and The Boulder Boys and welcomes The Bushmen & The Young Guns.

The 8-part series filmed across Lightning Ridge (NSW), Opalton (QLD), Laverton (WA), White Cliffs (NSW), Sheepyard (NSW) and Mintabie (SA) begins tonight at 8:30pm on Discovery.

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