Where is Supernatural final season?

Season 15 began in the US in early October, but Aussie fans will need to be patient.

Supernatural fans are becoming agitated over delays by 10 Peach for the final season.

Season 15 began in the US in early October charting the end for the Winchester brothers.

But it is yet to commence in Australia.

10 Programming tells TV Tonight the series is due to begin in January. But does that means fans will be hit with online spoilers?

10 is expecting with US pre-emptions that it will catch up for the back end of the season.

Fingers crossed….

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  1. Why don’t they put it on ten play? I’m sure fans would want to watch the final season with the rest of the world…not 6 months later.
    Unfortunately, the programmers in this country don’t have any knowledge or passion for their job. They probably don’t even know it’s the last season.

    1. Because 10 bought the rights to the exclusive first FTA airing from Nine, and then later catch up rights for a few weeks when that became the norm. Ten don’t have the right to stream Supernatural whenever they want, then air it exclusively on FTA months later. Spoilers will only be a problem for the ending and Ten can catch up easily if they want (though Nine never bothered with TBBT).

      The Good Doctor, God Friended Me and NCIS are the only US shows where the current season is even airing, and they all started weeks behind.

  2. Not enough room in the Peach schedule for Supernatural, Charmed and This Is Us.

    I mean where are they going to fit it between 2 episodes of Seinfeld, 3 episodes of Two And A Half Men and 2 more episodes of Frasier or Seinfeld or There Goes The Neighbourhood. They’d have to take The Flash off or the 1:30am/2:30am episodes of Medium, it’s a little bit too much to ask for them to show the shows that Peach was actually being touted for.

  3. I tried waiting to watch it legitimately but some stuff happened in the first 3 episodes and some things got spoiled so for fear of having every episode spoiled I have been watching it a different way.

    I really don’t understand the delay. Just show the episodes a couple of days after the US and when it is on a break just show repeats. A lot of fans are already watching it and all that is on Monday nights is repeats of Frasier that have been shown a thousand times before.

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