Axed: The Loop

10 Peach music show bows out this weekend after an 8 year run.

10 Peach music show The Loop is ending after an 8 year run.

On their Facebook page the show announced, “After 8 years of great tunes, The Loop is coming to an end this weekend – and we’re going out the only way we know how…with a bang!

“Join us at 9.05am on Saturday to see us, and our superstar hosts Liv and Justin, off in style!”

The series launched in 2012 on ELEVEN hosted by Scott Tweedie & Ash London. It marked 400 episodes late last year.

While London was replaced with current host Olivia Phyland in 2015, Tweedie departed 10 for US projects earlier this year.

A Network 10 spokesperson said “After eight years of great tunes, The Loop will air its final episode this Saturday on 10 Peach. Host Liv Phyland is a valued member of the Network 10 family. She will still be seen on our screens on 10’s new travel show, 10 Travlr, as well as a number of other programs.”

The show will be replaced a week later with sitcom reruns including Everybody Loves Raymond and Becker.

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  1. It did well in its hey day when they concentrated more on music rather than adverts and promotions. Unfortunately it failed in its latter years. Myself and other viewers tuned out as we wanted music and interviews not endless ads and promotions.

  2. I’m really sorry and saddened to see the end of this. I am 57 and I watch it to keep up with new songs as well as their classics. Most of their hosts were a bit dumb and annoying but still better than both radio and the Foxtel music video shows. Shame on 10 for leaving us all with no music show on free to air.

    1. Errr…you have heard of ‘Rage’ on the ABC-no ads and almost all music with both current releases and older stuff, all in HD and uncensored in the late night broadcasts-infinitely superior!

  3. Video Hits failed years ago because a lot of the show was constant advertising (i.e. annoying ringtones), product placements and competition promos so people tuned out and switched to Rage and Youtube. Rage will always be there due to little or no advertising, has a good balance of classic and new videos and has musician guest programmers.

  4. Anyone wanting to watch the latest music videos (which have been in short supply on The Loop in recent times) should check out aria.com.au. They’ve got each week’s Top 50 available to view, as well as annual Top 100 charts dating back to 1988 (Top 50 from 1988 to 1996). It’s a great resource.

  5. Nooo…..Never mind the teenagers….I am as old as dirt….I watch The Loop every Saturday night…
    They even gave a shout out to my Facy post …when I said I happily bop along to the music…
    I certainly wont be watching those other shows…they were good…in their day…dated now ??

  6. 10 should of pulled the pin on the show in December when Scott left, It doesn’t sound right how it all ended; but replacing it with repeats of 15-20 year old shows is an insult.
    Liv will be appearing on 10travlr (I think that’s how it’s spelt)

  7. So it is true. ): I was glued to The Loop every Saturday except when away from home. It made my day when they did shout-outs. Hopefully for the finale past hosts will make an appearance and they’ll lift the Michael Jackson ban. You Tube really has killed the video star. Long live rage.

  8. First Nancy Drew and now this. How long until Supernatural is taken off for more Fraiser, Friends, Seinfeld repeats. Just rename 10unfunny and put everything that isn’t the overdone sitcoms on a new channel.

    Seriously more Everybody Loves Raymond repeats. This unfunny show has been on constantly since Eleven started 9 years ago.

    1. i disagree, sort of, its a bloody funny show, but only after maybe2 reruns. Its currently on about its 4th run of the season, same with Becker, Frasier etc. Like really Ten how many times do you think you can repeat these shows?? Then they repeat the shows later on in the day, so now they’re going to play the same episode 3 times a day/night??

  9. Just what the young people crave! More Raymond, Becker, King of Queens etc. All those groovy shows that are a hit with today’s hip whippersnappers!

    When will 10 take the hint that hosts are detrimental to a music video show?! Video Hits went down the toilet fast when they introduced hosts (which took time away from what the audience wants to see, as if the ads weren’t intrusive enough).

    1. I don’t fully agree with you about the hosts. Video Hits used to interview artists for starters and people build a rapport with hosts keeps them coming back.

      Cheez TV and Toasted TV are much loved to this day and not just for the anime they broadcast.

  10. so where do teenagers get their music video fix now? Many of the film clips were quite sleazy and I don’t think they are suitable for young people. Back in my day music videos were interesting and worth watching.

  11. This is sad – grew up watching this every Saturday after multichannels became a thing!
    Appears 10Peach has a few major programming changes? Hopefully indicative of a brand reshuffle… Best of luck to Liv Phyland with whatever is next!

  12. There is only a few good music channels and this ain’t one of them ,too much talking and songs that started well in and also finished well before the end ,sorry but the best is Rage rage rage rage , Shut Up.?

  13. Very Sad to see this Music show go. I enjoyed watching this music program on 10Peach where I even had the chance to watch some Specials like NYE Party. I will miss this show so much.

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