Seven confident on Q2

Seven is enduring turbulent times at the moment, but the network is putting on a brave face in the wake of the Olympics postponement and AFL suspension.

In a note to advertisers, Kurt Burnette Chief Revenue Officer & Director of Olympics noted huge
spikes in week on week viewing on 7 broadcast, 7plus and, and The West Australian.

He said in part, “… As we have seen overnight the IOC have moved to postpone the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to July 2021. We will now be working with local and global officials, as well as our client partners here, to work collaboratively through this postponement, with detailed updates to follow. From there we will mobilise our teams and develop the very best transition practices to get us to a highly successful Games in July 2021.

“With regards to content, production of House Rules: High Stakes and Farmer Wants a Wife have not been impacted. Those two tent pole shows will be building on a strong base with 7NEWS, The Latest, Sunrise, Home and Away and Better Homes and Gardens, as well as our strong dramas at 9PM. We are confident our Quarter 2 content slate across broadcast and BVOD will produce a strong audience result year on year. Q2 on 7 and 7plus will be providing much needed entertainment and information for Australians, and a powerful and effective marketing platform for brands to be able to connect with those viewers. We will deliver a mix of much needed information that Australians will continue to be seeking, plus entertainment for escape and inspiration.

“Although there has been some disruption to a number of our programs, I wanted to clarify that Plate of Origin is in production. Big Brother has had a pause in production, however, production restarted yesterday. Holey Moley, SAS: Who Dares and Australia’s Got Talent have been impacted and we wait for a clearance to recommence production. As soon as that information comes to hand we will be in touch. Our plan remains to ensure we deliver a strong schedule every week of the year, and most of those plans are well in place with finalisation in the coming week.”


  1. Reminds me of The Naked Gun when Frank Drebin is standing in front of explosions, telling everyone not to panic.

    Still have it on VHS somewhere.
    Happy to lend it to 7 if they need to fill an empty spot Q2

    • thedirtydigger

      Or the Monty Python movie where the Black Knight is getting his arms and legs slashed off in a flurry of blood …all the while proclaiming ” I’m fine …it’s just a flesh wound .”

  2. thedirtydigger

    Sounds like Farmer Wants a Wife is now a stripped reality format ? They wouldn’t be calling it a Tent Pole if its once a week would they ?

  3. Really looking forward to House Rules: High Stakes and also Big Brother!

    Sad how Holey Moley and SAS: Who Dares Wins has stopped production, but hopefully we’ll see these shows, sooner rather than later!

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