Rotterdam wants Eurovision 2021

Rotterdam wants to host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, after its planned event next month was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The European Broadcast Union had asked for a decision from the municipality of Rotterdam before the end of this month. If the city were to have abandoned the gig, officials would have consulted other cities in the country.

A majority of councillors agreed the city should host in 2021, despite 6.7 million euros (A$11.35m) in lost investment from the cancellation of the 2020 edition. However, one Dutch political party, the Rotterdam Socialist Party, which argues the money would be better spent dealing with poverty across the city.

Meanwhile BBC wants lockdown videos for the interval act at Eurovision Come Together hosted by Graham Norton.

More info is here.

Source: wiwibloggs

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  1. Worldly events like this tend to raise the profile of a city, with investment and tourist opportunities, so I think it would be better for Rotterdam to go ahead with the plan. Rotterdam is a cultural city with a large multicultural and multi-ethnic population nowadays, also where the Gabber music genre originated from. It’s not often that a city can lay claim to being the origin of a musical genre, testament to the arts and culture of the city. A city with its fair share of ups and downs historically, much of them political. I think it’s a very positive step to retain Eurovision for Rotterdam for next year. It’s well deserved.

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