Masked Singer, Fight for Planet A win Tuesday slots

Ratings: After a day of rough news, 10 lightens the mood and gets a primary channel win.

Without heated competition The Masked Singer sailed to a comfortable timeslot win last night.

It drew 818,000 metro viewers, rising to 942,000 for the moment cricketer Michael Bevan was revealed as the Hammerhead (with such vague clues as him passing Kylie in a hotel hallway, it’s little surprise nobody had picked him, including her sister…). Notably, 10’s primary channel led the pack and topped the demos.

That was ahead of Anh’s Brush with Fame (710,000), 7:30 (583,000), Paramedics (407,000), America’s Got Talent (296,000) and Great Asian Railway Journeys (295,000).

Later Fight for Planet A debuted at 581,000 for ABC then movie: Ocean’s 8 (344,000) and Surviving Jeffrey Epstein (284,000).

Nine Network won the night on 25.2% then Seven 25.0%, 10 22.4%, ABC 19.3% and SBS 8.1%.

Nine News drew 1.04m / 976,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (697,000) and Hot Seat (570,000 / 344,000),

Seven News was #1 at 1.14m / 1.05m, The Chase (645,000 / 394,000), Home & Away (611,000) Criminal Minds was just 181,000 and can’t wrap things up quickly enough.

The Project drew 538,000 / 370,000 for 10 then 10 News First (429,000 / 328,000).

ABC News won its slot with 764,000 Final Rendezvous (242,000) and The Drum (227,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (197,000), Insight (110,000), Mastermind (106,000). The Feed was a lowly 48,000.

Bluey led multichannels at 192,000

Sunrise: 286,000
News Breakfast: 161,000 / 58,000
Today: 206,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 11 August 2020

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  1. I don’t think criminal minds did well last night because it was a episode 8 family tree that 7 already aired 3 weeks ago it was also Had been up on 7plus For the last 3 weeks So everyone has already watched it people are waiting for episode 9(which was on plus7) and 10

  2. Thought I would like Ursula as a judge but her stupid guesses are very annoying. That is what Dave Hughes is there for. On the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed Anh’s Brush With Fame. So so so very good.

    1. I flicked over from The Masked Singer to Anh’s brush with fame, when it started at 8, thinking I would just watch a few minutes of it during the ad break before flicking back to see the next singer. I didn’t go back. It was such a great episode!

  3. I do recall a 5 yr old version of myself always saying Michael Bevan was my favourite cricketer. Not sure I had much reasoning for it. Maybe I just liked the name? Certainly didn’t know he could sing so well.
    Seems like this year there is a lot in the art of misdirection! Dressed as a hammerhead and hinted as having a connection to Kylie Minogue screamed James Reyne.
    I was so sure..

    Was very pleased to have such a surprise at unmasking.

  4. Another great ep of TMS. I’m glad the clues are harder this year, cant pick anyone at the moment,! As it progresses and more clues come, it will get easier. I don’t follow cricket but I knew who Michael Bevan is.

    1. He was one of Australia’s best ever ODI players. He wasn’t the most talented batsman, but very professional and an expert at rescuing Australia in run chases when we were in trouble.

    2. Exactly! Most people would have no idea who he was. And the major clue was Kylie Minogue. Why because he had very briefly bumped into her in an elevator!!!!Nobody in the world knew that and i bet Kylie doesn’t remember him!!! I saw the queen drive by once – does that mean i have link to the royal family?? Give us a break and provide real clues

  5. While it’s doing well, I really thought The Masked Singer would be huge this year. It seems to tick all the boxes as to the kind of escapist nonsense people might seek out at the moment. Be interested to hear what it’s doing on 10 Play.

    1. It’s a bit contrived, because the panel know the singers are local yet insist on calling out absurd overseas celebrities. It’s not worth sitting through 90 minutes of that malarkey for 12 minutes of singing.

      1. Do we know for a fact there is not one international star appearing? COVID, as David has mentioned could result in some big names. Some already in Aust for filming commitments on other shows.

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