The Block, Farmer scorch Family Feud

Ratings: Two big reality shows battle for a win. Vera again beats down 60 Minutes.

The Block has begun its 2020 run with 947,000 viewers and a win in the demos. That’s just shy of 2019’s launch of 991,000.

No doubt Farmer Wants a Wife gave it added grief this year, drawing 864,000 last night (and a win when regionals are added). Next was ABC’s Shetland (577,000), but Family Feud struggled on just 293,000, down on last week’s 330,000.

Later Vera (691,000) eclipsed 60 Minutes (559,000) then 7News Spotlight: Catching a Madman (342,000) which was a hefty switch-off given its lead-in.

Nine network won Sunday with 31.7% then Seven 28.7%, ABC 18.6%, 10 12.5% and SBS 8.6%.

Nine News (1.07m) was best for Nine with a late edition drawing 268,000.

Seven News was #1 with 1.19m for Seven. Between Two Worlds will doubtless have to be moved again after just 126,000 / 104,000 in a double episode -last in it slot.

ABC News drew 755,000. Compass was 166,000 and the final edition of The Sound was 122,000.

The Sunday Project pulled 398,000 / 282,000 for 10. 10 News First was 239,000. FBI managed just 175,000 / 149,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (199,000), The Virus: What Went Wrong? (190,000) and Lost Pyramids Of The Aztecs (182,000).

MotoGP led multichannels on 10 BOLD at 181,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 23 August 2020

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  1. I am also one of those who watched Between Two Worlds. Last night’s ratings might seem low but the show gets more than 100,000 consolidated viewers each week, indicating many of the show’s fans record the episode on their PVRs (due to the late timeslot), and watch it in their own time during the week. Last night I watched Ep 1 of BTW and taped EP 2 before going to bed.

  2. FWAW failed its traditional audience again in the Final. Instead of the suspenseful and non-scripted final choice coming with the farmer arriving at the doorstep of their favourite, the show moved to a dreadful staged interview-style of each girl. The poor farmers had to deliver terrible dialogue to over-dressed women who had to wade through long grass in high heels, and then relaxing enough to tell us that finally they could show their affection to their favourite, instead of following the producer’s antics.

    It is lucky for them that they seem to be duping the audience who never watched the genuine article that was the previous show, keeping the ratings decent.

  3. I have a hunch that the block’s good start wont last once channel 7’s ‘Plate of origin’ starts this coming Sunday. Surely viewer fatigue has to set in at some point for the block regardless.

    On a side note when will ch10 realise grant denyer is a liability. I guess using Osher as host would be over kill. The constant use of the same hosts for all their shows is mostly spelling disaster for 10!
    I for one switch off seeing the panelists of AYPA and The project on all its line ups! It’s obvious its been ch10s stratergy but it is back firing!

    1. I’d be surprised if PoO made even a ripple in the blocks figures. It already feels like a reheated version of a meal you didn’t really like the first time around.
      Unfortunately for 7 all they have left this year of any interest, to me at least outside of the AFL, is SAS, and who knows when that’ll be ready!?

  4. Annoyed at 7 for moving BTW and Liar around the schedule. Now that the former was a double putting Liar on so late no wonder numbers are dire. It makes it hard to follow the schedule changes and as I tape both onto my PVR I have to keep on top the EPG.

    BTW isn’t overly great but have continued to see how it plays out. I love Liar as I was a fan of S1 and I am interested to see how is resolves.

    Tbh 7 should have uploaded them to their 7Plus app immediately following the poor ratings so that those who are loyal can continue watching without having to wait weeks and navigate the time slot changes.

    1. Yes, a real shame that Liar has now been buried in such a late night time slot.
      So much better than BTW – a stellar cast , especially Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffud.
      S2 is not as good as S1 but still well worth watching. Should have been programmed in the earlier time slot before BTW, which unfortunately is not very good. Hermoine Norris is always great though..

    1. Agree. Actually really love this series of the show, though they should have learnt from last time that it works better on weekdays (and definitely not weekends).

      I like Masked Singer on Mondays and Tuesdays though, so its really The Bachelor that may need to budge.

  5. When you look at BTW, that’s not bad retention between Ep 1 and 2 for late at night, but the numbers themselves are still awful and obviously just loyal viewers who’ve watched since Ep 1, not attracting any new crowd.

    They kept moving BTW and Liar around each week, they need to stick them in a late timeslot for good and just move on, it’s been a fail. Yes, the former would’ve cost a lot to produce, but they’ve tried and still no success.

    Maybe some bigger and better true crime specials, better promotion campaigns? And/or some new or old blockbuster movies. For the 8:30 and 9:30 timeslots?

    1. Please no more ‘true crime’! The commercial channels are utterly clogged with it as it stands-it’s a wonder that there’s anyone left in the US who’s not in prison or a murder victim to judge by the avalanche of it. on TV.

  6. I’m one of the ones that watched between two worlds last night. I feel these storylines are just warming up and I’m not sure how many episodes to go but looking forward to see it play out.

    I had to record Liar, it was to late to stay up and watch it.

    Watched family feud for some entertainment and I enjoyed it.

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