Seven confirms Dancing with the Stars revival


Seven has now confirmed Dancing With The Stars: All Stars.

In a world first, the global sensation will be refreshed, reimagined and reborn as a unique television event – Dancing With The Stars: All Stars.

The special event will run on Channel 7 and 7plus in 2021 and feature some of the most popular, talented and entertaining stars from the iconic show over the years. Fan favourites will return to the dancefloor – along with flashbacks to their former hits and misses – and expect a few wildcards to shake things up.

The hosts, judges and contestants of the spectacular Dancing With The Stars: All Stars will be announced soon.

Seven’s Network Programming Director, Angus Ross, said: “Dancing With The Stars is one of the most successful television formats in the world. It was a massive hit for us across 15 seasons and we are delighted to welcome it home.

“This will be no ordinary Dancing With The Stars. It will be new, fast and highly engaging three-week event – and the perfect addition to our 2021 line-up.

“Next year’s special season will bring back some of the big names and personalities from seasons past in a brand new format, plus several other surprises that we will reveal shortly,” he said.

“In 2020, we launched three new tentpole shows – Big Brother, Farmer Wants A Wife and SAS Australia – that were hits across all screens. All three will be back in 2021, along with our latest sensation, Holey Moley, a reimagined The Voice and Ultimate Tag. We are very excited to add Dancing With The Stars: All Stars to that list.”

Warner Bros. Managing Director, Michael Brooks, said: “We are incredibly excited to relaunch Dancing With The Stars on Seven in 2021. This blockbuster event will be must- watch television for all Dancing With The Stars fans featuring their favourite celebrities, a host of surprises, unbelievable performances along with all the usual tears and laughter the ballroom has to offer.

“We are thrilled to continue our successful partnership with BBC Studios and the Seven Network.”

BBC Studios ANZ Director of Production, Kylie Washington, said: “Dancing With The Stars is an iconic format that just keeps getting bigger and better. This new All Stars version will ensure that it cha-chas back onto Seven in spectacular style. We can’t wait to see the audience reaction to their favourite dancers battling it out for the ultimate mirror ball trophy.”

Dancing With The Stars: All Stars is produced by Warner Bros International Television Production Australia and BBC Studios, from a format created by the BBC and distributed by BBC Studios.


  1. I am thinking because Tennis is delayed they have delayed Holey Moley? This fills that void for the non- tennis enthusiast given ratings will start around this time…

  2. Dream cast for me (and also quite possible)
    Holly Brisley, Kate Ceberano , Bridie Carter, Kylie Gillies, Ricki-Lee, Ash Pollard, Matt Shirvington, Tom Williams, Dicko, Tim Campbell, Manu, David Roden

  3. Dear remaining FTA viewers who have not died on their couches of old age or lost their remote controls,.

    We have officially given up. Nearly everyone in Australia is now streaming, or washing their hair.

    Yours sincerely,

    Networks Ten, Seven and Nine

  4. Everybody calm down. It’s only for three weeks! Probably filling a gap in the schedule around one side of the Olympics (my guess is leading into it) and will probably benefit from being a tighter, short season.

  5. All Stars?

    We’ll probably see Matt Shirvington on it. He is signed with Seven. He was in Season 1 of DWTS. Ada Nicodemou (or another Home and Away star) has to be on it too.

    I can’t see David Cambell (now on Channel Nine) and Chris Bath (now on Channel 10) appearing. Both were on DWTS in 2005.

  6. Whilst l enjoyed it on 10 l more likely wont watch it on 7. 10s version deserved a bigger audience share but alas not to be. 10 would be better advised to trial new format shows than to recycle old shows. 10 tend to be innovators. Mind you they could snag MKR hahahah.

    • I actually think that 10 would be the perfect ones to get The Great Australian Bake Off, it would be a nice companion piece to Masterchef, especially if Maggie Beer and Matt Moran stayed on the show.

  7. Loved the last two seasons on 10. Big set. Big budget and it showed in the production.

    Along with The Voice I am guessing these two recycled shows not being live anymore has a lot to do with C-19. But its also surely cheaper to pre-record these shows too. After all Big Brother was chosen to be pre-recorded and that was before C-19. Maybe costs savings is why 7 is keen to acquire shows that were previously more expensive to produce?

    And after last years Voice, the sceptic in me is thinking pre-recording and editing makes it easier for producers to fabricate drama.

  8. At 18 season this means that DWTS will maintain its record for most seasons for a reality show. If it didn’t air, The Block would match the record in 2021 and be the new record holder in 2021.

  9. Don’t get why 10 let this happen though…hopefully 7 get some good “all-stars” in their cast though. And, even though this is pre-recorded, I can see this voting system working better than I’m A Celebrity.

  10. Is Seven just hoovering up every format it can get it’s hands on? Just like Mariah Carey for The Voice will it tout Chris Hemsworth as a contestant?

  11. While I’d be pleased to see it return, I’d want the same judging panel as on 10 which can’t happen due to COVID and Tristan being on Studio 10. Plus I’m not a Sonia fan, so wouldn’t want to see her co-hosting.

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