Fetch TV losing CNN, Cartoon Network, Boomerang.

Subscription service isn't happy over exclusivity deal and is pushing customers to complain to the ACCC.

Fetch viewers are set to lose CNN, Cartoon Network and Boomerang channels from April 22nd, due to an exclusivity deal between Foxtel and Warner Media.

And it isn’t happy about the change, pushing its subscribers to complain to the ACCC.

In a statement on Facebook Fetch said, “We wish to let you know about some changes happening in our Kids, Knowledge, and Ultimate channel packs from April 22nd.

“We regret to advise that CNN will be removed from the Knowledge and Ultimate packs, and Cartoon Network and Boomerang will be removed from the Kids and Ultimate packs. The changes are the result of a recent exclusive carriage agreement entered into between Foxtel and the channel’s owner, Warner Media. We are disappointed that we are no longer able to offer them on the Fetch platform.”

We are particularly disappointed at the loss of CNN.

“International News provides an important public benefit, and Fetch is proud to provide access to such a diverse suite of news channels as part of the Knowledge Pack (for only $6 pm). The exclusivity arrangement for CNN in Australia is inconsistent with global norms, and will result in reduced access and affordability. If you share our concerns, you may wish to lodge a complaint with the ACCC.”

But a Foxtel spokesperson told TV Tonight, ““Foxtel is entitled to enter into agreements with channels on an exclusive basis, and of course, for internet users, CNN content continues to be widely available at CNN.com.

“We appreciate that Fetch is concerned about losing content from their service. However, there continue to be many alternative options open to them to source international news channels for their customers.”

Fetch indicated it would be adding 2 additions to the Kids pack from April 22nd, to be announced next week.

“We recently added MSBNC to the Knowledge Pack. MSNBC is now the #1 rated news channel in the US during prime time, ahead of CNN and Fox News. The Knowledge Pack also includes BBC World News and 8 other international news and business news channels.”

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  1. Absolutely gutted. I left Foxtel over 2 years ago… really missing CNNi. Contemplated Fetch TV but now I watch everything through my Apple TV I really wish FetchTV had an ATV app like Hulu! Now, I would really like a subscription based CNNi app to be available in Australia – please.

  2. In lieu of Disney/Fox content & the likelihood that they will very soon lose their Viacom content(in addition to Showtime already) – Foxtel only had one choice.
    Spend the money on exclusive Warner to stop HBOMax entering the market. If they didn’t – they would be dead within 2 years.

    The market has shrunk and there isn’t room for two traditional subscription services. Fetch should have innovated and beaten Stan years ago if they still wanted to play.

    This will all be irrelevant in 5 years when Warner want to launch HBOMax here and ditch Foxtel completely.

  3. Incredibly disappointing. To be truthful CNN is the only reason I retain the fetch box and knowledge pack at all. MSNBC and BBC world news are nice-to-haves but CNN is the drawcard.

    The cheapest way now to get CNN is a $49/month foxtel pack, which wont be happening, so all that has been achieved is the reduction of CNN’s reach in Australia

  4. Just what is Foxtels’ justification for doing this? Surely by making one news channel available solely on their platform won’t encourage new subscribers? Are they really that desperate?

  5. When Foxtel announced its new broadcast deal with WarnerMedia in May last year, the press release said the agreement included “Continuing carriage agreements supporting Foxtel’s kids’ offering with Cartoon Network and Boomerang along with expanded SVOD rights, and ongoing CNN access”. It did not say whether Cartoon Network, Boomerang and CNN would be exclusively carried on Foxtel (and when). Seems to me that the technical details of the deal had only begun to be revealed.

  6. What happened with Foxtel undertaking with the ACCC over not acquiring exclusive rights for non O&O channels as part of the merger with Austar? Seems as effective as the anti siphoning list.

    1. To answer my own question, it appears the undertaking was only for an 8 year period. Given that, I expect Foxtel to sign more exclusive agreements in the coming years, and Fetch will be out of business in 5.

  7. This is absolutely bad. Fetch are correct and will have metrics that say CNN is one of the features that keep me “sticky” to Fetch in spite of a multitude of limitations on Fetch’s end (but they try). It’s a just in case channel that I turn to when something happens and also when I think nothing is happening (because I’m often wrong).

    Note CNN international “radio” (the audio of the TV) is available free with ads (over the top of CNN’s house ads) on the TuneIn app.

    This will not cause me to move to Foxtel or Foxtel Now because the packaging is not appealing.

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