Stan thriller Gold poised for US release

Upcoming Stan survival thriller Gold, starring Zac Efron has sold to distributors Screen Media in the USA.

The film co-stars Anthony Hayes, who co-wrote the script with Polly Smyth, in addition to directing. The cast also includes Susie Porter.

Set against the backdrop of a vast, unique and unforgiving landscape, Gold is described as a taut thriller about greed and the lengths people will go to secure themselves a fortune.

When two drifters travelling through the outback stumble across the biggest gold nugget ever found, the dream of immense wealth and greed takes hold. They hatch a plan to protect and excavate their bounty with one man leaving to secure the necessary equipment. The other man remains and must endure the harsh desert climate, preying wolves and intruders, whilst battling the creeping doubt that he has been abandoned to his own fate.

“It is always every filmmaker’s dream to make a film and snag a large North American release for their film and a bidding war is even more rare,” said Hayes. “It is a testament to our film Gold and to everyone who worked so hard to bring it to life that Screen Media will shepherd this film into cinemas and beyond in North America. It proves the indie film landscape is alive and well and that distributors and audiences alike have a voracious appetite for films made outside the studio system.”

Executive producers are Andrew Mann, Peter Touche, Simon Williams, Paul Wiegard, Will Clarke, Andy Mayson, Nick Forward and Mike Runagall, Consultant Producer is Shana Levine.

Source: Variety

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