Australia’s Sexiest Tradie

Plumber Frankie has a plan to become the next best Channing Tatum. If only his ego doesn't implode first.

When plumber Frankie Wood enters an FM radio station contest to find Australia’s Sexiest Tradie, everyone around him has to endure his brush with fame.

From his family to work colleagues, his trajectory to success is only matched by his ego, blind folly and determined plan to become the next best Channing Tatum.

It’s through the lens of an unseen documentary crew that we find Frankie (Rick Donald), a 33 year old NSW tradesman still living at home with his mum Barbara (Pippa Grandison), dad Terry (Steve Le Marquand) and devoted girlfriend Hammer (Briallen Clarke).

Frankie is destined for 103.6 HEAT FM greatness when he is phoned by radio hosts Bigzy & Smacker to become a finalist in their contest. He happily plays up to the cameras who are all capturing it in a “fly on the wall doco shit” expose.

But Boss Man Wayne (Peter Phelps) who owns Tru Blue Plumbin’ has little time for the ambitions of his distracted employee, while sidekick Grub (Jason Perini) thinks it’s all a bit of a laugh.

Across the first episode Frankie obnoxiously reminds us, “Basically I’m a f***in’ legend,” all while forgetting the plumbing needs of a client (Matilda Brown). By episode two he’s getting his arse waxed when he’s supposed to be on the job.

Back home Terry isn’t easily impressed with Frankie’s 5 minutes of fame, while Hammer may be on the way out. Meanwhile in the HEAT FM group sessions and photo shoots, he continues to embarrass himself with lashings of chauvinism and politically incorrect humour…. look out for Hugo Johnstone-Burt.

The series is created by its star Rick Donald, best known for 800 Words, A Place to Call Home, Wentworth & Home & Away. He’s tailor-made a role which is will be easily recognisable to a 7mate audience without ever asking too much. The mockumentary style allows for plenty of improvisation which the cast handle well.

Paired with Fat Pizza: Back in Business this is a cheap and cheerful offering from Rick Donald, and now that he has his first comedy under his tool belt, I’d be keen to see where he progresses with future projects.

Australia’s Sexiest Tradie double episode 9:10pm Wednesday on 7mate.

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  1. I love this programme it’s brilliant

    Its a shame it’s 2021 and not many can handle this type of comedy these days

    I have a feeling it’ll go mostly under the radar but may have some cult following

  2. Watched it but without subtitles will be giving it a big miss as I couldn’t hear it to well. Why don’t more shows understand that some people need subtitles to enjoy them. Glad Fat Pizza understands it love that show

  3. I’m not expecting much from this program, but I will give it a go tomorrow night. Who knows? It could turn out to be something I quite enjoy, just like Gogglebox!

  4. Sounds like it could be a good laugh. Rick Donald also did 2 seasons of an NZ comedy series set in a high school called ‘Educators’, fully improvised series as well.

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