Eurovision 2022: France

Eectro artist & vocal group Alvan & Ahez showcase their regional heritage in "Fulenn."

Eurovision: Grand Final

Alvan & Ahez
Alvan is a multi-instrumentalist electro artist from the French region of Brittany; the same place vocal group Ahez hail from. As an artist, Alvan loves to mix different genres within his own music, and despite his sound mostly being rooted in electronica, he also uses a lot of traditional chants and organic elements in his hybrid compositions. Ahez (Marine, Sterenn and Stereen) are a traditional vocal group who aim to showcase their regional heritage through music, by writing and singing in their native language, Breton. In their songs, they tell contemporary stories that reference the ancient myths of Brittany. Alvan & Ahez have made it known they want to show that tradition is not something stuck in the past; rather, it is constantly evolving.


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