All the shows Programmers confirmed as not returning this year

In case you missed it, here are the shows networks updated us on this week.

Over this past week TV programmers from Seven, Nine, 10, ABC & SBS all spoke in great detail to TV Tonight about their 2023 schedules.

If you missed them, they also confirmed some big shows are not returning this year, while some are axed altogether.

A few others have decisions pending or remain in development for more.

Here’s a recap…


Not in 2023:
Kitchen Nightmares Australia
Homicide with Ron Iddles

No Decision:
Australia’s Got Talent
Dancing with the Stars
Hey Hey it’s Saturday specials
Fam Time

In Development:
(Apartment Rules) new title


After the Verdict
Dream Listings

Not in 2023:
Celebrity Apprentice
Beauty & the Geek
Australian Ninja Warrior

No decision:

In Development:
Love Island
My Mum, Your Dad?


Not in 2023:
The Amazing Race Australia
The Bachelorette
Territory Cops

No Decision:
Shaun Micallef’s Brain Eisteddfod
First Dates
The Real Love Boat
The Challenge

In Development:
The Traitors
The Masked Singer


Win the Week

Not in 2023:
Spicks & Specks
You Can’t Say That
Sammy J
Tomorrow Tonight

No decision:
Mystery Road
Summer Love

In Development:
Total Control
Muster Dogs


Not in 2023:
Eurovision: Australia Decides

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  1. Thank you very much for your extremely comprehensive list of the programmes mentioned.
    I will miss Specks and Specks. A very good and informative show. As for Eurovision, Australia Decides, I did read that there was a bit? of controversy over us being allowed to compete, seeing how we arnt in the EEC, but many of our citizens backgrounds are from there. I am not surprised that We Decide is not being included in the voting process. Having said that, I do watch the shows. (Mainly for song choices and which country wins).

      1. I must have missed something. I didnt realise that this was our last year definate year. Its also good that Australia has come close to winning 1-3 times. Just cant remember who with.

  2. Sucks about After the Verdict i really enjoyed it thought it was funny and thrilling with a good mystery but at least season 1 mostly wrapped up the story

  3. Baring in mind, all of this is purely my opinion, but…
    Dancing, could work but it needs a season of all-new stars. But look to the world of social media for stars along with the normal fields. Judges and hosts, I could go either way on.
    AGT, now with David Walliams stepped down from BGT, it will be interesting to see if we follow suit. But the show has probably had its day anyway.
    Snackmasters seems to be at the end of the year anyway, so no surprise theirs no decision yet. But half expect it to become more like you Bake Off series. 6 chefs/kitchens, each week, a new snack, one by one, a group is eliminated until finally one is crowned “The Ulitmate Snackmaster.”
    Loved The Traitors, so keen for it to come back, but will probably have a few tweaks this season.
    The Masked Singer, great concept, could still work. Needs a refresh. Whilst probably impossible, would love to see it go live with an at home Audience vote counting for 50% of the result.

  4. I really hope 10 brings back The Amazing Race this year. Love that show and Beau is a great host. And I really like First Dates too. And I really hope 7 brings back Homicide with Ron Iddles (that was a very interesting show) and 9 brings back Snackmasters.

  5. David, the local version of Kitchen Nightmares didn’t get the ratings 7 were after(re not doing new episodes at least for 2023)? Could it return in 2024?

  6. Thanks David… now I can free up my “to watch list” and not live in hope or anticipation. I’ll console myself with my “wait and see list”. Yep that’s entertainment for yuh.😂

  7. Big fan of Amazing Race Australia but unfortunately last year’s version where each week was in the same country had me lose interest. But I guess when you’re stripping it for 3-4 episodes a week and are on a 10-level budget these decisions get made. Hopefully they can bring it back but renew the excitement factor. Also loved First Dates with Tommy Little as narrator, finding the 10 version to be very inclusive not just with sexuality but also age and disability. Hopefully it too gets a second (or third?) life.

    1. Yeah, I’m with you. They really burned the house down with that last season. So many poor decisions. Such a shame coz it lived up to its name with previous seasons on 10.

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