Nine too strong on Tuesday

Nine led from 7pm onwards, while other networks slipped below 200,000 viewers from 8:30pm.

Nine enjoyed another winning Tuesday, leading viewing from 7pm onwards -however other networks faced heavy losses from 8:30pm.

Married at First Sight was #1 at 881,000 metro viewers, dominating 7:30 (404,000) Back in Time for the Corner Shop (357,000), We Interrupt this Broadcast (304,000), The Dog House (288,000) and Who Do You Think You Are? (197,000)

Later The Hundred with Andy Lee led with 418,000. All other networks fell below 200,000 viewers: The Good Doctor (189,000), Queerstralia (151,000), NCIS (146,000 / 86,000) and Insight (126,000)

Nine network won Tuesday with 35.7% then Seven 24.0%, ABC 16.4%, 10 13.9% and SBS 9.9%.

Nine News was 716,000 / 695,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (673,000) and Hot Seat (320,000 / 198,000). Late news was 222,000.

Seven News won with 867,000 / 845,000 for Seven. Home & Away (455,000) and The Chase (455,000 / 267,000) followed. Quantum Leap was just 78,000.

ABC News was 545,000. The Drum was 133,000 then Kweens of the Queer Underground (68,000).

The Project was 260,000 / 166,000 for 10. 10 News First was 193,000 / 120,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (117,000 / 88,000), Dateline (90,000) and Mastermind (68,000).

The Adventures of Paddington led multichannels at 111,000.

Sunrise: 211,000
Today: 194,000
News Breakfast: 96,000 / 51,000

In Total TV numbers last Tuesday were:

Married at First Sight: 1.85m
The Good Doctor:
Australian Survivor 958,000
Back in Time for the Corner Shop: 764,000
Home & Away: 930,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 14 March 2023

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  1. Under 200,000 at 5pm and narrowly over 100,000 at 6pm? Yikes! Those are some very low ratings for 10 News First, especially for a weeknight. The recent changes the network has made to its news service in Adelaide don’t seem to be helping the ratings. If anything, they are just getting lower. It wasn’t all that long ago when 10 News regularly attracted over 400,000 viewers each weeknight.

  2. Seinfeld is really interesting example. Personally I really liked the first season as it was more raw, Kramer used more selectively and I don’t think there was a laugh track (can’t quite recall). But as you noted David, season 2 a few tweaks and it was a raging success.

  3. I noticed that 7 are now advertising WITB as your new big comedy instead of your new comedy obsession. It seems more like We Ignore This Broadcast. How much longer can 7 hold out with these numbers? They must be wishing AFL could run 7 days a week.

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