RocKwiz: March 10

Guests: Tina Arena and singer Isabella Manfredi.

This week on RocKwiz are Tina Arena and singer-songwriter Isabella Manfredi, former lead vocalist of indie rock band the Preatures.

This was a pairing suggested by Isabella who was keen to work with Tina.

Izzi performs her first solo single, ‘Seasons Change’ before Tina, much to the delight of the contestants and the live audience, emerges to sing ‘Wasn’t It Good’.

After the usual rounds of questions, Izzi and Tina perform a reworked version of a Neil Young song, ‘Natural Beauty’.

7:30pm Friday on FOX8 / Binge.

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  1. To me this show is as good as the original but I did notice in the first episode a bit was cut out. Jimmy Barnes was asked about his first concert and whilst telling his story Julia suddenly thanked him. What they did not show was him telling the story of going to the Sunbury Festival and the state he was in for obvious reasons (censorship)…Then they show that bit in its entirety on YouTube. I’m just glad Tina and Izzie are not doing a rework of “Rocking in The Free World” because that would be just criminal. It was done by the great Brian Cadd, Paul Dempsey and Olympia on Salute the Canadians.

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