MasterChef, Cheap Seats snare slots, Seven & Nine battle over Tuesday share.

It was a tight race at 7:30, while 10's comedy banter was an easy winner later. Seven pipped Nine for a Tuesday win.

10 led key early evening slots on Tuesday while Seven and Nine tussled over the evening share.

10, Nine and ABC were all in a tight battle for the prized 7:30 slot. MasterChef Australia just won at 434,000 metro viewers, pipping Parental Guidance at 433,000.

Next were 7:30 (421,000), a rare Tuesday edition of Better Homes & Gardens (322,000), The ABC Of (321,000) and Who Do You Think You Are? (210,000).

Later The Cheap Seats drew 379,000 then Dolphins: Is Our Love Too Deep? (223,000), The Rookie (196,000), Million Dollar Murders (170,000) and Insight (149,000).

Both Seven and Nine tied on primary channels but Seven network won Tuesday with 27.9% then Nine 27.1%, 10 19.2%, ABC 16.3% and SBS 9.5%.

Seven News was #1 at 960,000 / 936,000 for Seven. The Chase topped entertainment at 572,000 / 339,000. Home & Away was 505,000. The Rookie: Feds drew 121,000.

Nine News (855,000 / 808,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair led on 633,000 then Hot Seat (431,000 / 277,000). Nine News Late was 103,000.

The Project was 289,000 / 196,000 for 10. 10 News First was 232,000 / 153,000. A teaser episode of The Family Stallone managed 164,000 (the rest of the series is on Paramount+).

ABC News was 568,000. The Homes that Built Australia (158,000) and The Drum (155,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (128,000 / 81,000), Dateline (96,000) and Mastermind (81,000).

7TWO’s Bargain Hunt led multichannels at 103,000.

Sunrise: 218,000
Today: 203,000
News Breakfast: 96,000 / 40,000

In Total TV numbers last Tuesday were:

The Rookie: 537,000
The Summit: 752,000
MasterChef Australia: 802,000
Who Do You Think You Are?: 338,000
Home & Away: 973,000
Ningaloo Nyinggulu: 451,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 6 June 2023

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  1. I tuned into Better Home and G a few Friday nights ago when I had some time as I’ve noticed ratings have soften this year.
    I think BH&G isn’t reflecting the times, when people are budget conscious and looking for value in a cost of living crisis.
    Just a assumption from what I viewed that night and why viewers might not be as eager to make BH&G a Friday nights destination anymore. I understand it likely still wins it’s time a lot but I remember it rating 700k.
    Tuesday was a good test to see if you could pick up a bigger audience. It appears it’s failed to fire only doing the same as a observational repeat doco would’ve done in the same timeslot.

    1. The reason it doesn’t rate 700k anymore is the same reason the news doesn’t rate 1.5million or Home & Away 1.4 or ACA 1.3 or Masterchef 1.6…. audiences are watching shows on paid streaming services, social media or on the TV networks on demand services.

      1. Yer streaming is one reason why shows aren’t getting big numbers any more but also all the shows you mentioned have a stale and predicted factor associated with them as they have been going for years.

      2. There are more promos for 7Plus (or whatever it’s called) and more actual programs on their streaming service than there are for programs on 7 FTA.

  2. Hi David, how did the grand final of Blow Up rate on 7flix? I saw the video on 7plus before I went to bed late last night, and the three floats built for the finale were spectacular. I wished more viewers would have seen the episode.

    1. I’ve been watching it on 7+ as the SD quality of 7Flix looks horrid on a big screen.

      I agree the finalists were amazing. I’ve actually really enjoyed the show and the creations for the most part (apart from the 1hr or less challenges, which were kinda hampered by their time restrictions) have been absolutely amazing.

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