Amanda Keller: “Two Logies ago, I was nominated for Gold … I’m not invited this year”

With a smaller capacity venue, networks are being forced to make some brutal seating choices.

As a lot of Reality TV talent quickly discover, getting an invite to the Logie Awards is never a sure thing, and this year the room at The Star is smaller than Gold Coast and Melbourne events.

That means even tougher choices for networks trying to get talent, execs, producers a seat. The priority is those who are nominated, then those on air (and those coming up hoping for a push in red carpet coverage).

Alas, even top talent can miss out too.

“Two Logies ago, I was nominated for Gold – I’m not invited this year,” Amanda Keller said on WSFM today.

“Hang on a minute … You’re not even invited?” Brendan “Jonesy” Jones asked.

“I wasn’t expecting to be nominated, but I wasn’t invited,” Keller admitted.

“It’s a hard night, isn’t it? You’ve got to wear Spanx, and all the clothes fittings and stuff, and all that stuff … So I’m going to be doing what I usually do, which is watch it on TV and probably go to bed at about 9.30pm.”

By 9:30 Keller will miss out on watching the Gold awarded, which closes live voting at 10:30pm AEST this year.

She also passed comment on The Living Room “rested” by 10 in 2022.

“I think there’ll be other years where I’ll be on something and [invited]. But so much for Channel 10 ‘resting’ the show – I think it’s a bit of a death knell,” she said.

“TV’s not the be all and end all of my life, my career. People keep going with lives after TV shows finish.”

Keller’s observation on Logie tix is probably a good indicator to other talent and industry… if you don’t have an invite by now, you’re probably not getting in…. other than buying a public gallery seat for around $100.

Via: news.com.au

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  1. I think its only Gold Logie winners that are guaranteed a seat at the Logies, People like Tom Gleeson that bet her. I don’t think TEN would of allocated her an invite as she has done a lot of whining about TLR been rested.

  2. It is an ongoing to challenge to stay relevant across all mediums but Amanda should take comfort in knowing she has a successful career as a radio presenter where she fronts a popular show on a daily basis. Others aren’t so lucky! If she needs a red carpet to waltz down I am sure she will be invited to the Australian Commercial Radio Awards or something similar. How many awards shows do they need to front?

  3. Why should she be invited? She hasn’t done anything on TV in the last 12 months – or during the Logies nomination period. By the same merit, if she wants to be invited, will they also be inviting Bruce Samazan who was up for gold in 1993?
    Sour grapes Amanda.

    1. I agree. It is all a bit entitled. There’s bigger things in the world to angst over. That said, I wanted her to win the year she was up for Gold.

  4. I was hoping Amanda Keller, Denise Drysdale or Kochie for Hall of Fame. Definitely a female should get it. Location Location Location Australia isn’t as good as Living Room.

  5. That sucks, someone like Amanda K who has been around for as long as I can remember on TV in so many roles should have an automatic invite every year for the rest of time….particularly as a previous Gold Logie nominee and winner of other categories.
    Instead of moving the Logies to a smaller venue, they should be planning to hold it at larger capacity venues.
    No wonder the Logies have have lost public interest credibility

  6. Sadly…no show…no invite…It is what it is….I wish for TLR to be back and strong…but sadly….people have moved on….My Friday evenings are not the same.

    1. Absolutely – I mean its common sense, if you aren’t actually on TV this year, why would you be at the event. As it says its got reduced capacity so its only logical. Personally as much as I love Amanda and the original version of TRL I wish she would get over it. Things come and they go, its part of business.

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