Pang-tastic Logies scores for Seven.

Sam Pang draws plenty of praise for hosting, while Seven lures big audiences to Logie Awards.

Seven’s poaching of the Logie Awards has resulted in a Gold Logie for network star Sonia Kruger and a win in audience numbers.

In preliminary numbers 877,000 metro viewers watched the Logie Awards and attracted a huge 41.7% share for Seven.

The Red Carpet portion drew 846,000.

That is on par with 2022’s 885,000 / 826,000 when the event screened on Nine.

There was plenty of praise for host Sam Pang whose jokes balanced cheeky irreverence and respect to Logie history.

But given the event ran overtime and The 1% Club we can conclude that around 439,000 were watching when Sonia Kruger won Gold -a good result given the 11:30 finish.

That left the competition with their work cut out. 60 Minutes was 457,000 then Restoration Australia (370,000) and Hunted (322,000).

Ashes Series was up to 559,000 across the Nine network.

Seven network easily won Sunday with 41.7% then Nine 29.4%, ABC 11.4%, 10 11.0% and SBS 6.4%.

Seven News was #1 at 991,000.

Nine News (762,000) was best for Nine.

ABC News pulled 498,000. Bay of Fires was 292,000 but has drawn huge Total TV figures then Compass (159,000),

The Sunday Project was 233,000 / 166,000.  10 News First was 166,000 / 143,000. FBI was just 101,000. NCIS Hawaii was 61,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (167,000 / 95,000), Great Wall Of China: The Making Of China (100,000), Sinead O’Connor: Nothing Compares (55,000).

ABC Kids’ Interstellar Ella led multichannels at 102,000.

In Total TV numbers last Sunday were:

Bay of Fires: 1.07m
Hunted: 744,000
The Beast Must Die: 273,000
FBI: 280,000
Restoration Australia: 774,000
World Aquatics Championships: 350,000
Dancing with the Stars: 1.16m

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 30 July 2023

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  1. Pangy was brilliant, if not a tad nervous – just about everyone fluffed a few words last night. Enjoyed the Logies as always, however not jumping up and down despite the new broadcaster and location, I still think there’s plenty of work to do, but you can forgive given initial outing. The half-hour over-run, Karl and Kochie among a few misses and Daryl waffling were low-lights, but there was mostly highlights, apart from Sam, I loved the music and the In Memoriam and Hall of Fame (had it not been Pang they’d have stolen the show) and some surprise/upset award winners, as well as the terribly produced Red Carpet, big miss and too edited and rushed, needed an hour with 6:30pm start or push main event back to 8pm. Well done to Foxtel/Binge with Colin, cleaned up and Sonya (say what you like) but at least deserving for her 25+ years at Seven (8 at Nine) and prominently for 19.

  2. Sam Pang demonstrated to be a fine host. His punch lines were on-point and you could tell the guests were in awe of him. If Seven has the Logies in 2024, I think getting someone as outrageous as Jim Jefferies will really push the envelope even further. Congratulations to all the winners and here’s to the Australian television industry continuing with their storytelling.

  3. I dare say given Seven‘s large footprint in regional Australia, the total tv figure once in will be bigger than when Nine screened the awards last year. Seven set out to give the Logies a fresh look and I think they did a great job of recognising all networks and talents. Nine were the biggest losers of the night , winning barely any awards and with none of their presenters taking away a gong. Foxtel was the biggest winner with The Twelve and Colin from Accounts cementing Foxtel as the home of the best scripted Australian content.

    1. I think Nine won 2 awards, as did Seven until the gold was announced. If Seven hadn’t won the gold, I think they would have been the big losers. Ten got 5 awards which is a great achievement given most of their programs rate low.

      1. Yeah I was surprised at first but then I thought most of Ten’s shows do well with young viewers who would persevere with voting process and find it less onerous than say older viewers who may not have the patience to fill out yet another web form to vote for their fave stars.

        1. agree – I voted and tv week sends you back an email to validate your vote submission. Most people would give up with a second stage but I guess is gives a more honest vote.

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