Patricia Karvelas to host Q&A return

PK resumes hosting duties on ABC forum next week in Melbourne, after a high school edition screened on iview yesterday.

Patricia Karvelas will return to host Q&A when it resumes on ABC next Monday night.

Guests in the Melbourne studio include UK Minister of State for Armed Forces James Heappey, Filmmaker Rachel Perkins and Independent Member for Curtin Kate Chaney.

It isn’t yet clear if Karvelas will stay in the hosting role for the remainder of the year.

Stan Grant stepped down from the show in late May seeking a break from media.

News Director Justin Stevens told a Senate Estimates hearing “He’s taken leave for around eight weeks.”

ABC sources indicated there was no update on his return to the show as yet.

Meanwhile yesterday BTN held a Q+A high school forum in Melbourne hosted by Amelia Moseley, with Minister for Youth Anne Aly discussing topics with a teen audience: HECS debts, nuclear energy, Commonwealth Games, voting, the Voice to Parliament, social media, school phone bans, and AI misuse.

It screened on iview and YouTube.


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  1. I’m not sure if Patricia is a good choice if Q+A is wanting to drop any bias sentiment. Patricia is one of the most staunchly politically partisan journalists I’ve seen in public broadcasting, going by social media.

    1. Patricia does thrive on politics there’s no doubt about that, but based on what I have seen she also conforms to the ongoing agenda’s of her employer regarding the political threads happening on ABC News.

  2. Plainly the ABC are not ready to give up on their Q&A flagship even though the show reached its popularity hiatus during Malcolm Turnbull’s tilt at becoming PM, and the infamous shoe throwing incident at Mr. Howard by an environmental activist in 2010, back then life seemed to be a lot simpler and clear-cut politically, with fewer fringe distractions. Obviously, the ABC still sees some purpose for Q&A as a soapbox vehicle to promote ongoing political agendas that some people obviously feel angst about, and maybe develop a headline or two, which isn’t that common now. It has to be said that Patricia Karvelas has never lacked ambition so she too must see something worth saving for Qanda.

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