Chris Sebastian sings 2023 Neighbours theme

It's a laid back groove for the new perfect blend.

2020 The Voice winner Chris Sebastian has been chosen as vocalist for the refreshed Neighbours theme, to screen when the show returns to 10 / Prime Video in September.

“When I was told the Neighbours team were going to use my voice for the new season theme song, I was shocked and of course over the moon,” he said. “I have grown up with that soundtrack and I still can’t quite believe that this is real. Neighbours, we are all so glad you are back, it hasn’t been the same without our friends. I hope you guys love my version of the theme song as much as I loved recording it for you.”

The famed theme by Tony Hatch and Jackie Trent, originally sung by Barry Crocker, has also been recorded by Greg Hind, Paul Norton and Wendy Stapleton, Janine Mauder, Sandra De, Jo Bonnie Anderson. It has also been covered by stars such as Dame Edna Everage, Des O’Connor and the Neighbours cast.

Neighbours returns 4:30pm Monday September 18 on 10 and a week later on Prime Video.

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  1. I thought it sounded okay till about halfway through and then it was all a bit OTT performing runs and etc like they are told to do on The Voice.

  2. I’ll be extremely surprised if 10 even screen the closing theme to Neighbours at 4.30pm! They haven’t aired B&B’s closing since 2012 – it’s a straight fade-out into the 5pm news!

    1. It’s a new business model. The show is made largely for the UK but Freevee won’t release numbers. You can’t expect much better than Bold has been getting at 4:30pm. Amazon is also enthused about the back catalogue, so there’s a host of reasons why this appeals to them.

  3. While I’m pleased to see the Bonnie Anderson version gone (may we never hear it again), this is not any better. While the instrumentals are nice, the vocals are not great, and I don’t like the pronunciation of neighbours as “neighbers”. At least I can fast forward the opening credits, as I won’t be able to watch it live.

  4. Honestly in 2023 a timeslot should be irrelevant. Depending on your setup, either record it or time shift it and watch it when you like. Or, as noted, watch on Peach if that’s the only option.

      1. MOving B&B to 4pm timeslot is quite early IMO. As much as I dont watch B&B, some fans will miss out (as they are either at work or commuting home) the storylines. Since 1996, 10 aired B&B at 4:30 timeslot as a lead-in to Ten News.
        But at least there’s 10Play for people who missed out eps of B&B.

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